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Hello People I'm Nikolla (Niki) Potter.I'm Lilly Potter and James Potter Youngest Daughter I also Have a Older Brother That you Probloy Know named Harry potter

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Welcome to my profile!

My Life!

Hi, I'm: Nikolia ( Niki)  Sage Potter I was born on November 25 to my mother (Lilly )And Father (James)Potter and I had one older brother named Harry potter. My Mother And father were both purebloods and both when to Hogwarts and were in Gryffindor and were both In the order of the phoenix and they became very popular when they went to Hogwarts.   I Loved My family so much and adored them so much. When I was born My parents knew right away that I was a healthy pureblood baby and they were splendid. Everything was going great but one day Lord Voldemort came and killed both of my parents when I was only a newborn thus my brother and I got transported to my mean aunt and uncle's house and their names were Vernon and Putuiana. They had a son named Dudley Dursley. They Were not kind people they neglected us and sometimes did not feed us it was not the best especially when harry got invited to Hogwarts was so happy for him but then I realized I would be all alone. But he did call. Since Harry left  I started getting abused  And then I came out as Bisexual and omniromantic to  My aunt uncle and cousin then  I became more depressed and got more anxious then harry came back to get me And Bought us a new house and we were so happy And then I came out to him and he supported me so much. And then things turned out I got into Hogwarts with my brother and got into Gryffindor even know I was a  hufflegrif (I was a Hufflepuff and Gryffindor) and I picked an owl for my pet and met some new friends so everything is great now.


My Family!

Mother -Lily Potter

Father-James Potter

Older Brother-Harry Potter


My Friends


Luna Lovegood



My Favorite Professors

Professor Hagrid 

Professor   Lupin 

Professor     Carrow


More things About me!

Birthday November 25




Physical Appearance-Wavy light brown hair and blue eyes

Personality-Goffy, Loyal, Brave, Humble,





Favorite subject-Potions, charms,

My least favorite-History of magic, defense 

Interests- Dark Arts




š“…“Please  DONT SPAM  WHEN Rp!

š“…“If I forget to RESPOND It's Probloy Because I'm busy!

[Please Do send a post on my wall asking about the Rp as there will be times where I Might not see them or I might not be on At all.]



š“…“Harry potter

š“…“Stranger things

š“…“Hunger games



š“…“Star Wars




Friends to Lovers

Enemies to Lovers

Quiet Girl or Boy x Popular Girl or Boy

Popular Girl x Popular boy

Student x Teacher

Principal x Student

Bully x Nerd


Forbidden Muggles 


š“…“Mother x Daughter    



š“…“ Father x Daughter


 š“…“Uncle x Niece


š“…“ Aunt x Niece


š“…“ Uncle x Nephew 


š“…“ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son


š“…“ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter


š“…“ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son 


š“…“ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] xDaughter








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