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“God bless the book people for their boundless knowledge absorbed from having words instead of friends” - Monty (Gentleman’s guide)

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Any sort of transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc. will result in immediate banning


Hey everyone! I'm Len, I use they/them pronouns, I'm genderfluid and a lesbian, and I love HP trivia!


I have a few roleplays happening right now, if I don't get back to you immediately, that's probably why!

 Spelling & Grammar Rules:

1: Please don't have your entire sentence structure be (Character) ended up (action).  Example: Adele ended up crossing her arms as she ended up looking at Carl.

If I notice this, I'm sorry, but I will have to cancel the roleplay.

2: Please have at least moderately ok grammar. Switching tenses in one of the big ones, as well as sentences have commas!!

3: Spelling isn't as big of an issue, as long as it's ok.

RP Rules And Info:

-If I’m uncomfortable with something, please stop. Same goes the other way, if you’re uncomfortable with something, tell me!

-I honestly don't mind if you control my character a little, as I understand when you have an idea that you would need the other person to cooperate with, but don't do a whole 'scene' with them please!

-Owl me for oc info

-No Mature Rp's


 -Pronouns: they/them

-Age: 11-17 (depends on the RP)

-Favorite color: teal/gold

-Wand: Hawthorn, pheonix core, 6 1/2 inches

-Likes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, charms, reading, writing, drawing landscapes.

-Dislikes: Homophobes/transphobes, rude people, racists.

-Ships: Wolfstar, Drarry, Scorbus, Jily, Jegulus, also Solangelo and Mercy (Gentleman's Guide) but those aren't HP ships.

-Please be kind!

Book Rec List:

-Gentleman's Guide To Vice And Virtue (Queer, Realistic/Historical fiction/ Fantasy)

-The Simon Snow Series (Carry On, Wayward Son, Any Way The Wind Blows) (Basically gay Harry Potter) (Queer, Fantasy)

-Simon vs The HomoSapians Agenda (Queer, Realistic fiction) (Read the book before you watch the movie. Movie: Love, Simon on Netflix)

-So This Is Ever After (Queer, Fanstasy)

-Literally anything by Rick Riordan (Some queer characters, Fantasy)

-Sorted: Growing Up, Coming Out, And Finding My Place (Queer, Trans F-M, Memoir)

-The House In The Cerulean Sea (Queer, Although that's not the point of the book, Fantasy)

-Red, White, and Royal Blue (Queer, Realistic Fiction)

-Maze runner (Fantasy/Dystopian)

-Heartstopper (Queer, Realistic Fiction)

-Henry Hamlet's Heart (Queer, realistic fiction, if you liked Red, White and Royal Blue, you'll love this one. I cannot say how much I adore this book. It's cute and fluffy and gay and has everything I could ever want)

HP Fanfic Recs:

-Draco Malfoy and the Mirror Of Esidyrue Series By Starbrigid (I cannot recommend this one enough. The plot is possibly more complex than Harry Potter, and the writing is incredible) (Drarry, 7 book series (Even if you don't like Drarry, you should still read it))

-All The Young Dudes By Mskingbean89 (Obviously. (Wolfstar, Jily, 7 book series (The ending made me cry)))

-50 Ways To Flirt With A Werewolf By QueenGrace11 (Wolfstar, Wattpad)

-Choices By MesserMoon (Jegulus, Absolutely incredible)


(I have yet to find a good Solangelo fanfic. If you know one, please tell me)

Movie And TV Show Recs:

-When Marnie Was There (Rf/F)

-Love, Simon (Rf, Queer)

-Owl House (F, Queer)

-Heartstopper (Rf, Queer)

-Good Omens (Fantasy? I think?)



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