River or Ace Snape.

Next time let the CRACKER BEAT HIS ASS.

Online: 🟢 Offline: ❌ He/Him They/Them or She/Her (My pfp is how I feel like at the moment so you can call me either River-Female Name or Ace -Male name.)

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Hello everyone my new is River or Ace Snape Son/Daughter's of Severus Snape My Pronouns will vary from day to day depending on how I’m feeling and they are 

He/Him They/Them or She/Her. 



Here is the times that I will be on

Only on weekends as I am busy during the day on Monday-Friday but there will be some days that I will be on in the afternoon, just depending on how I feel after the days are done SO KEEP IT IN MIND! 



Rp That I will Do!

Student x Teacher

Forbidden Rp [if you know you know!]

Friends to Lovers

Enemies to Lovers

Yandere x Innocent

Quiet girl or boy x Popular Girl or Boy

Principal x Student

Criminal x Cop


Fandom Rp I will Do!

Harry Potter

Stranger Things

You Don’t Know Me

First Kill

Walking Dead

Criminal Minds

Chronicles of Narnia




🐍 Write at least a Paragraph for first TIME RESPONSE!


🐍 Please give me time to respond as I will need time to think and it may not be you I’m rp with!

🐍 Understand that I will only be able to get on at certain times since I’m very busy!



Oc’s That I will Rp with unless I think of Others!

Age can vary for all depending on the Type of Rp!

Name: Ella-May Harrington

Age: 16


Name: Alex Rhee

Age: 22


Name: Lily Henderson

Age: 26


Name: Yuri Grimes

Age: 18


Name: Abigail Zanders

Age: 28



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