Madeline Nyla Potter

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Hello everyone I’m Harry’s Levi’s and Aniyah’s, aunt and James Potter twin sister Nice to meet everyone! Online: 🟒 Offline: ❌

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Hello I’m James Potter’s little sister, Madeline Nyla Potter!


As I said My name is Madeline, and I’m Harry Levi’s and Aniyah’s Aunt. Pleasure to meet you. I am a professor or teacher as the muggles call it for preschoolers in the Muggle World and in the Magic I also do teach a little bit of D.A.D.A with Professor Lupin during Harry and Levi’s, 3rd and I also taught in there 5th and 6th year before I became an Aurora as I was taught by Moody.  



Mother: Euphemia Potter

Father: Fleamont Potter

Older Brother: James Potter


Nephew’s and Niece:

Harry Potter

Levi Potter

Aniyah Potter


My Birthday

March 27, 1968

Star Sign- Pisces

Age- 24 


Mardurder Name

Butterfly or sometimes Ghost


My grades when I was in  school: [If it’s even relevant for you to know!]

History of Magic- E

Runes- E

Divination- O

Potions- O

Herbology- O

Magical creatures-E




Rp Rules!

πŸ¦… Please Write at least a full sentence if you can for the first reply, after that then you can do smaller ones as it will be easier for me to respond with your writing style!


πŸ¦… I will do 18+ but only in owls or private group as I don’t feel comfortable doing it in post, as I don’t want others to see as well as respond [But only in private group incase Owls go down!]


πŸ¦… I will be online most of the afternoon during the weekdays but Weekends I’m on everyday just depends on when I wake up lol!


πŸ¦… I will respond always, but do Please give me time to think as well and if I don’t respond at least with in 2-3 days as I could have been busy with work or something else post on my wall a HEY or HELLO as a reminder for the Rp were doing!


πŸ¦… Please DON’T SPAM GHOST OR GOD MOD please as it’s very annoying


Now, here is some of the Rp that I do!


πŸ¦… Harry Potter 

πŸ¦… Walking Dead

πŸ¦… Stranger Things

πŸ¦… Chronicles of Narnia

πŸ¦… Until Dawn [Horror Game]

πŸ¦… Criminal Minds

πŸ¦… First Kill

πŸ¦… You Don’t Know Me

Muggle Rp!

πŸ¦… Student x Teacher

πŸ¦… Principal x Student

πŸ¦… Forbidden [Mother x Daughter or Father x daughter stuff like that okay folks!]

πŸ¦… Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female or Male] x Daughter or Son

πŸ¦… Friends to Lovers

πŸ¦… Enemies to Lovers


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