Hailie Rosemary Lupin

I'm sorry Daddy *sighs softly* I FROZE.

Online: Offline: 荊荊 Hewwoo! I'm Hailie Lupin I'm Remus Daughter and Teddy's older sister! "Tonight I'll be your Naught Girl." *Wink Wink* -Beyonc矇

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Welcome everyone to my WONDERFUL PAGE!!!!! 

I welcome everyone here, and I do NOT ALLOW HATEFUL PEOPLE! If I see you I will Delete your comment as well as Block you so please BE NICE TO MY FRIENDS! OR PEOPLE WHO POST ON MY WALL!!!



Here are some things about me!

My Life!

I was raised by my father Remus my whole life as I do also have know clue who my mother is as dad always said she was a mystery person. I do know from the time I was little till the time I was about 7 I was raised by dad and Sirius who later whenever I was 8 he had married to him before we got the news that the Potters were murdered. I do remember after sometime, that Sirius [Or as I like to call him Daddy.] was on the run but ended up getting caught. After a few years I was attending hogwarts with Fred and George, during our second year as I became really really close with them and soon later became apart of there little group as they both viewed me as a sister as well as the other Weasley children did as well as Harry and Hermione since they see me as an Older sister due to me being older than them.

My Family

Mother- I don’t know who she is.

Father Remus Lupin

Daddy [After a few years]- Sirius Black

Step Mother- Nymphadora Tonks


My Friends

Fred and George

Harry Hermione and Ron

Percy and Bill




My Favorite Professors

Professor Snape

Professor McGonagall

[Obviously] Professor Lupin!


Another Thing about me!

Boggart- tight spaces/the dark

Love Potion- Honey Apples Cinnamon Basil Lily flowers grounded up leaves from fall weather. 

Mirror of Erised- Seeing both my fathers with my younger brother Teddy with my mother who I don’t know 

Patronus- Baby Deer



式 Please DON’T SPAM WHEN Rp!

式 If I forget to RESPOND it’s because I might be busy outside of HiH!

[Do send a post on my wall asking about the Rp as there will be times where I can’t get on at all.]


式 Harry Potter

式 Stranger Things

式 Chronicles of Narnia

式 Fear Street 1994

式 Until Dawn [Horror video Game]

式 Walking Dead


式 Youtuber Yandere x New Youtuber

式 Friends to Lovers

式 Enemies to Lovers

式Quiet Girl or Boy x Popular Girl or Boy

Student x Teacher

Principal x Student

Forbidden Muggle

式 Mother x Daughter

式 Father x Daughter

式 Uncle x Niece

式 Aunt x Niece

式 Uncle x Nephew 

式 Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

式 Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter

式 Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son

式 Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] xDaughter




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