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Hello, my name is Wren Haisley and I’m a Hufflepuff. I am a half blood from Scotland and I will be a friend to anyone who needs one.

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OC #1: Wren Haisley

Hufflepuff. Laurel wood wand, 13 3/4 inches, unicorn tail hair core, slightly springy flexibility. Red Squirrel patronus (to annoy the heck out of dementors hehe). Height: 5'4". Eye Color: Hazel green. Hair: Light brown. Build: Slender. Age: 16. Birthday: June 1st. Birthplace: Scotland. Home: Scotland. Blood Status: Half-Blood (mum's a muggle, dad's a wizard. Bet it was a nasty shock for her when she found out!)  ;). Pet: Vizzi the barn owl. I live in Scotland with my Muggle mother and wizard father who are both very kind people, Isaac and Mary Haisley. Has a little sister named Meg who is an 8 year old Squib. 

OC #2: Oliver Dovetail

Ravenclaw. Ash wood wand, dragon heartstring core, Unyielding flexibility, and 12 2/3 inches. Age 17, 7th year Ravenclaw from Scotland, lives down the road from Wren. Muggle-born child of Lily and John Dovetail.  Patronus is a border collie. Male, straight, doesn't have a pet. Dark brown hair, freckles, and blue eyes. Pretty tall and well-built. Skilled at potions as well as cooking. Muggle parents are ok with magic but don't talk about it much. Very chivalrous, teasing. Allergic to peanuts. 

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