Future potions master.

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Laina grew up in the southern countryside of the UK with her parents, who are both half-bloods.

Her mother is a herbologist and grows plants that get used in potions across Britain, shes laid back and generally a positive cheery personality.

Her father is an ex-Auror, who now creates low-level potions for sale in their rural community, but also does plenty of work on creating spells on the side. He has an interest in muggle filmmaking and often takes his family to the cinema.

She has a younger brother but they don't get along. Laina was nearly sent to Beauxbatons, where her mother had attended, before inevitably deciding she would prefer to go to Hogwarts for their more developed potions program.

So on she went, carrying an unbending, 10 3/4th" wand made from cedar wood (and a unicorn hair core), and her new cat familiar, a stuck-up grey cat named Sebastian (he pretends he doesn't like her, but in reality is often lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye out for danger - and potential mice).

Interestingly, she nearly had a hat-stall upon arrival, caught between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, before the ratty old sorting hat inevitably decided she would excel more in Ravenclaw's fine hands.

Her knowledge and love for plants and gardens make her most interested in Herbology as a class, and of course, its use in potion-making - for which she wishes to attempt becoming a potions master.

But who knows what the future truly has in store for her?

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