Maggie Nadia Snape-Potter

Family Sticks together "ALWAYS!"

Hello and welcome to a Friendly and Quiet place! [My Animagus is a Hedgehog!] If You'd love to Rp don't hesitate to ask even if I say no sometimes! 🦔

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I have an Animagus form which is Hedgehog and it’s adorable! But will get to that later, as I am the daughter of Snape and Lily which means I’m Harry’s half-sister and as well as Draco’s cousin! 




Severus Snape: Father 

Lily Potter: Mother 

Harry Potter: Half-Sister 

Levi Potter: Half-Sister 

Aniyah Potter: Half-Sister 

Draco Malfoy: Cousin 


Fact’s [or Detail!] 

Patronus- Bunny Rabbit 

Mirror of Erised- Playing in the fields with my mother and father with my cousins! 




Owl- Snowy White Owl 


Cat- Chesire Cat [Ghost cat/half human]  



Rp Info! 


Body Guard 

Harry Potter 

First Kill 

Chronicles of Narnia 

Stranger Things 


Until dawn [Video Game.] 

The Chestnut man [Just started watching!] 

Criminal Minds 

Walking Dead 


Muggle Rp 

Student x Teacher 

Principal x Student 

Demi god x demon [or angle]  

Quiet boy x Popular Boy [Can be of any sport or just popular] 

Quiet Girl x Popular Girl [Can be of any sport or just popular.] 

Security Guard x Victim 


Forbidden Rp [Just because it’s labeled Forbidden doesn’t mean I won’t Rp with these!] 

Mother x Daughter 

Father x Son 

Mother x Son 

Father x Daughter 

Aunt x Nephew 

Uncle x Nephew 

Aunt x Niece 

Uncle x Niece

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