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Will you always trust me Cissy?

Hello I'm Narcissa's twin brother nice to meet you all!! Cissy is always been my hero even if she's with her bastard husband [I'm also Draco's uncle.]

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Here are different things I can Rp as I don’t see it fit for you to know info since I’m shy and don’t like to say anything!




Can do FxM MxM or FxF I’m not bothered by any gender as I can whichever!


CrossOver’s I do!

Harry Potter/ Stranger Things

Ships I do!

Harry x Draco [Harry Potter]

Steve x Bucky [Marvel]

Draco x Hermione [Harry Potter]

Clint Barton x Steve [Marvel]

Bakugou x Deku [MHA]

Kirishima x Kaminari [MHA]

Shinsou x Deku [MHA]

Harry x Ron [Harry Potter]

Draco x Blaise [Harry Potter]

Pansy x Hermione [Harry Potter]

Kirishima x Deku [MHA]

Max x Lucas [Stranger Things]

Robin x Nancy [Stranger Things]

Steve x Johnathan [Stranger Things]


Rp Fandom


Stranger Things

Harry Potter

Chestnut Man

Body Guard

First Kill

Criminal Minds

The last kingdom

The witcher


Rp Muggle/Forbidden Rp


Muggle Rp 

Student x Teacher 

Principal x Student 

Quiet boy x Popular Boy [Can be of any sport or just popular] 

Quiet Girl x Popular Girl [Can be of any sport or just popular.] 

Security Guard x Victim 


Forbidden Rp 

Mother x Daughter 

Father x Son 

Mother x Son 

Father x Daughter 

Aunt x Nephew 

Uncle x Nephew 

Aunt x Niece 

Uncle x Niece


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