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Here is my Fandom Oc's

[Some of them may not have either Info or Pictures yet that's because I'm still Making them!]

Oc's Welcome [Fandom]


Welcome to a Ravenclaw's Page!! 

[Warning I'm not like all Ravenclaw's with there Smarts I'm more of a gooffy and silly One but a little smart even though mum says I'm always smart when it comes to strategic and war theory's.]


A little background for About Me!

I was born and raised in the, Muggle world with me mum we'd occasionally, visit the wizarding world for supplies and stuff. It wasn't until my 11th birthday, that I had gotten my letter that made our stay there more permanently. 

Mirror of Erised- Reading and Cuddling with my Animals [By the way I have two Cats and four dogs. Huge Animal Lover.]

Love Potion- Candy Apple's, Honey Smoked Pinapple, Sweet Tarts, Dark Chocolate


Rp Info!

✨Please Note: That I won't always be able to respond as I will be busy but more of my free time, that I can Rp will be on Weekends unless I respond during the Weekday since I can sometimes do that but it will just depend on what I can do!

✨Rp Note: I can do MxM FxM FxF since I can do whatever type of character Male or Female as nothing bothers just let me know in Rp as I have a list of male and female Oc's!!


Rp Fandom 

Stranger Things

Harry Potter

Chestnut Man

Body Guard

First Kill

Criminal Minds

The last kingdom

The witcher

Chronicles of Narnia

Walking Dead


Rp Muggle/Forbidden Rp 

Muggle Rp 

Student x Teacher 

Principal x Student 

Quiet boy x Popular Boy [Can be of any sport or just popular] 

Quiet Girl x Popular Girl [Can be of any sport or just popular.] 

Security Guard x Victim 


Forbidden Rp 

Mother x Daughter 

Father x Son 

Mother x Son 

Father x Daughter 

Aunt x Nephew 

Uncle x Nephew 

Aunt x Niece 

Uncle x Niece


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