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I didn't RUN AWAY DIDN'T I-Eddie Munson

Hello and welcome to Hellfire [just kidding.] I'm Eddie nice to meet everyone! [if you can't tell I'm a huge Stranger Fan!]

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Other ways to Contact ME! Incase HiH GOES DOWN!!


Helllooooo, and Welcome 

*bow’s dramatically with arms out in front afterwards making devil horns*

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Note Section!

~Note: All my Oc’s will NOT HAVE AGES as the age can Vary during the Rp okay!!

~Note: Also I will respond to some of my replies if I’m not busy but if I don’t respond within like 2-4 days then say something, as I might be busy or wouldn’t be able to if I’m not near my computer!

~Last Note: Please, do at least a long sentence for your first reply if Rp with me then you can shorten it, however you feel as I won’t know how to respond. Also one last thing I will not tolerate Childish behavior in Rp or on my Wall as I don’t tolerate it, as well as people who start an Rp but don't reply and say they will but don’t end up doing so!

These are my Oc’s to use DURING Rp!

[Also I can make up Oc's as well if some of these doesn't safice!]

Female Oc’s First lovelies!

Name: Tahlia Villanueva


Name: Susie Stone


Name: Juniper Fernandez


Name: Kimberley Mejia


Name: Chelsy Gregory


Name: Mila Fountain


Male Oc’s Now lovelies!!


Name: Mylo Middleton


Name: Dru Frederick


Name: Harry Meyers


Name: Anderson Mohamed


Name: Danial Gonzales


Name: Harmony Connor



Rp’s I do for MUGGLE and FANDOM as well as SHIPS!!


Stranger Things

~ Will x Mike

~ Steve x Eddie

~Nancy x Robin

~ Max x Lucas

~Johnathan x Steve

~ Billy x Eddie

~ Johnathan x Steve x Eddie


Harry Potter

~ Draco x Harry

~ Draco x Hermione

~ Hermione x Pansy

~ Harry x Ron

~ Harry x Blaise

~ Draco x Blaise

~ Blaise x Ron

~ Remus x Sirius

~ Remus x James

~ James x Sirius

~ James x Sirius x Remus

~ Lucius x Severus

~ Lily x Severus



~Steve x Bucky

~Clint Barton x Steve

~Bucky x Natasha



~ Harry Potter

~ Walking Dead

~ Stranger Things

~ Hunter x Hunter

~ Sword Art Online

~ Bodyguard

~ Dragon Ball Z

~ Until Dawn

~ Chronicles of Narnia

~ Pirate of the Caribbean 

~ Arcane




~ Student x Teacher

~ Principal x Student

~ quiet girl x popular girl

~ quiet boy x popular boy

~ quiet girl x popular boy

~ quiet boy x popular girl

~ Friends to Lovers

~ Enemies to Lovers

~ Lovers to Enemies



~ Mother x Daughter 

~ Father x Son 

~ Mother x Son 

~ Father x Daughter 

~ Aunt x Nephew 

~ Uncle x Nephew 

~ Aunt x Niece 

~ Uncle x Niece

~ Next door neighbor x Son [Adult female or male]

~ Next Door Neighbor x Daughter [Adult female or male]


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