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You don't want to face my bad side. There is a reason Hufflepuff's emblem is the badger. Don't find out the hard way. Nicknames are welcome. Ravenpuff

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What I Look Like:

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Name: Lynx Larae (pronounced Luh-Ray) Malfoy

Age: 15-20

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

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Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Pronouns: She /Her

Relationship Status: Single (Not really looking for anyone)

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Patronus: Mink

Wand: Hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core.  12 ½ inches. Slightly Springy.

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Other: Has a talent for jinxes, hexes, curses, and potion brewing. Loves Astronomy, Charms Class, and Potions Class. Is fully capable of the Imperius curse and the Cruciatus curse but can't use the killing curse. Very skilled at getting out of trouble with anyone except for Dumbledore or Professor McGonagall. Forced to act as a Death Eater at the same time as Draco, but she never took the Dark Mark. Can speak Parseltongue and enjoys talking with Nagini when the snake is around. Professor Snape taught her the tips, tricks, and spells he wrote down in his Potions book as a student.

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~Long, soft, silvery hair

~Light grey-violet eyes that sparkle when she’s happy

~Pale skin



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~Fiercely loyal to those she loves 

~Can seem cold until you get to know her

~Vicious if you cross her


~Patience level depends on the day and who you are

~Typically optimistic

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~Studying the constellations

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Likes: Cheesecake, Books, Animals, Astonomy, Centaurs, Hippogriffs

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Dislikes: Asparagus, Licorice, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets

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Where You Can Find Me (Links):

Hufflepuff Common Room

Joint Common Room

In The Kitchens

The Marauders Era

Astronomy Tower

Knockturn Ally

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Roleplay Info:

I will do some romance

No Mature content

Keep swearing to a minimum

There is a good chance that I will have multiple roleplays going on at once.  If you are someone who will get offended by this, then don’t ask to roleplay with me.  

If you want to roleplay with me then post on my wall, owl me, or find me in one of the groups listed above.

If you don't hear from me in a while, it's not because I'm trying to ghost you. It simply means I haven't had the time to get on. Please remember that I have a life outside of HiH and my life does not always allow me to get on as often as I would like. 

Please do not ghost me just because you do not want to continue the roleplay.  Just politely tell me that you don’t want to continue the roleplay.  I won’t be offended.

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(This will probably be updating and changing often)

Parents: Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy

Siblings: Draco Malfoy (twin brother)


Black barn owl named Serenity

Black and white Siberian husky named Valencia


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