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Possession of the “Inner Eye” dates back hundreds of years in Abigail’s family. Each generation, several ancestors are detailed as having possessed the Inner Eye. Abigail’s ancestors are prominent figures in the study of Divination. They have been known to help hundreds of querents throughout the years. The family appears to possess strong ties to intuitive based Divination, or ESP. For centuries, they have used this gift to aide others in their future. The family has a family-owned shop where they conduct readings, sometimes even for free to others. The shop began in London, however, after the signing of the International Statute of Secrecy, they were forced to move it to Diagon Alley.


Abigail herself also has a strong Inner Eye. She began accessing it when she was only five years old. She uses her gift to help others as much as she can by providing free readings to those she comes across. She feels these are the most helpful profound readings because they often have an important message to give to the querent.


Abigail is her immediate family’s pride and joy. She is the only one of her immediate family that currently possesses the Inner Eye. Her grandmother, another relative with the Inner Eye, has taught Abigail all she knows about possessing it. Growing up, she spent many months living with her grandmother so she could learn to use the Inner Eye appropriately, and in ways that would be the most helpful to others. Because of this, she was homeschooled as a child until she was called to attend Hogwarts at age eleven.


Abigail graduated from Hogwarts. After Hogwarts, she went on to study post-graduate Divination courses so she can stay fresh in the subject.


Prior to Hogwarts, Abigail helped to run the family store in Diagon Alley once she turned eighteen, where she would conduct readings with her grandmother. Together with her grandmother, she helped keep track of the store’s finances. She continues to help with the store to this day in her spare time.

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