Abigail Evans Kinch


A Gryffindor First year eagerly working on her courses. Open to finding new friends along the way.

  • Joined July 2022
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 516 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Canada



NAME: Abigail Evans Kinch


HOUSE: Gryffindor

WAND: reed wood, phoenix tail feather, 12 inches, stable/solid



Born in a muggle community with a muggle-born wizard father and muggle mother, Abigail grew up in her community just like any other child. Her parent's wish was for the magic to be introduced as she grew up, not right away and for muggle life to still be important. Her father read the books about Harry Potter's adventures as a child and teenager to her when she was 8 years old as a way of introducing her to the wizarding world. She thought about it and realized she also had strange experiences as a child that could only be explained with magic. From that day forward, she eagerly waited for her Hogwarts letter to come. Her parents felt muggle schooling was also good for her and important, so when it finally came, she split her time between magical and muggle schooling, although she definitely had a favourite. A half-blood witch in Gryffindor, Abby loves sports, reading, friends and new adventures. She hopes to try out for the Gryiffindor Quidditch team as soon as she can get her own broom.

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