My first house is Ravenclaw and my Second is Slytherin! I enjoy role plays and like reading posts on my wall. 💙📘📜🦅💙📘📜🦅💙📘📜🦅💙📘📜🦅💙📘📜🦅💙📘📜🦅

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"What someone says and does are very diffrent from what they want to say and do."

"Why do you take insults from people you don't take advice from?"

Role Play Rules And Triggers:

¬No swearing while roleplaying

¬Do not say what my character did as it is my character not yours

¬Do not expect me to reply straight away as I have a life outside HIH

¬Please write at least two sentences for your reply I like writing long responses and it is hard to do that if you write one liners

¬NO SPAM if I haven't replyed within a week then yes you can send it again but again NO SPAM

Please respect my rules and triggers

Please only post Questions for me e.g. "Do you want to role play with me" below on my wall

I can always adjust my characters to fit with the role play

My main role plays are Harry Potter ones but I can also do Twilight  (I have only read the books once) Percy Jackson (Haven't read all the books) and Keeper of the lost cites.

I can make new OC's for role play's if needed

Current Ocs




Name:Lyra Lily Potter (Main one)

Special abilities:Can read minds, can withstand lots of pain(Sometimes even the Cruciatus Curse), can fly and can't be affected by mind reading

Era and Family:She is in Harry's era and Harrys sibiling with Lily and James Potter as her parents

Personality:Bubbly and enerjetic around people she knows\are friends with otherwise she is shy.

Teams and Clubs:Will be in\is in Dumbledores army and is in the Quidditch team for her house




Name:Sareen Lyric Starla Lovegood

Special abilities:Can become invisable

Era and Family:Xenophilius Lovegood is her father,Luna is her younger sister by two years which means her Mother died just before she started Hogwarts

Personality:Mostly sweet, at times really rude, Sarcasitic

Teams and Clubs:Is only on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team


Name:Cassiopeia Nova Twyla Malfoy

Special abilities:Can read and Block mind reading

Era and Family: Can be either Draco or Lucius's younger sister

Personality:Shy, kind, loves her older brother(and cousins if in Lucius's era)

Teams and Clubs:Is on no teams in both era's

House: Either Slytherin or Ravenclaw (Depends on the role play)






Name:Nadina Perl Sareen Weasley

Special abilities:Photographic memory

Era and Family:In Harry's era sibilings with Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny, is Ron's twin

Personality: Super smart, opposite of most of the other weasleys, connects with all the weaselys but her Twin, parents and Ginny also Connects with Grandma

Teams and Clubs: Is on the Slytherin Quidditch team

House: Slytherin




Name:Lexi Perl Twyla Potter

Special abilities:Can make people calm down

Era and Family:Can be either Harry or James's younger sister

Personality:Shy, Sweet

Teams and Clubs:Quidditch commentater(First in James's era Fill in for Lee in Harry's era)


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