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Please Do Read All the Info please I know it’s a lot but these are my Rules!

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[In case you prefer different platforms to Rp with!]



Hello and welcome to my ◦•●◉✿Only Rp✿◉●•◦, account! I do wish to say a couple of things before we get started!


~ Note: I don’t know how to write in past tense so please don’t ask me two as I find it difficult too as I know my writing style is present tense so please don’t ask me to change!

~ Note: Also, Please pay attention to my backstory as sometimes things will be changing there as I will either be updating things or taking things away as I can’t decide on what to keep and not!

~ Note: I do tend to forget to Respond after a certain amount of days so if that happens constantly you may not continue the Rp with me as I might be busy outside of HiH

~ Note: They’re some Rp’s I’m not comfortable doing an those are as well as playing parts


Adoption Rp, Neiko x Human, Demon x Angel, [Parts for Rp, Yandere or the enemy As I hate being the mean one even though I know it’s for Rp I still don’t like it!] 


~ Warning, Please do know that I don’t tend to control your Oc’s in Rp. It's just something that happens as I do it a little bit to help out with what I write!

~ Warning, Please do let me know if there is any triggers or anything that bother you in the story like [Certain words phrases or actions] as I tend to do for Mature ue [18+ and NSFW words and actions so if that’s something that doesn’t interest you then don’t ask to Rp with Mature as I’m fine skipping those sections when it comes up too them!]


~ PLEASE, Whenever you do an Rp with me, do write at least a paragraph for me as it’s hard to write at least a few words as I can’t tell what you're thinking! 

~ PlEASE, Do at least write some ACTION don’t let it be all me as it gets annoying to do it all by myself so PLEASE GIVE INPUT AS WELL!!

~ PLEASE, Don’t start an Rp with me if you're not going to respond to it a few days later [I understand if you're busy please let me know!] But just don’t as I hate deleting our conversation that we have depending on how long the Rp is as it gets frustrating and I hate to Block you from ever, being able to Reply to me ever again So please Don’t!

Now for the FUN PART Rp Info!!



๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۩ ʳק ίŇfσ ๑۩ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞๑


Walking Dead

Criminal Minds

Harry Potter

Chronicles of Narnia

Stranger Things

Until Dawn

Muggle #1

Boss x Co-Worker

Principal x Student

Teacher x Student

Friends to Lovers

Enemies to Lovers

Yandere Friends to Lovers 

Quiet girl x Girl [Cheerleader or Soccer Player] 

Quiet Boy x Boy [Football or Baseball]

Quiet Boy x Girl [Cheerleader or Soccer Player] 

Quiet girl x Boy [Football or Baseball]

Cop x FBI Agent

Hunter x Victim


Muggle #2: [forbidden Rp and Yes I do this so don’t worry!]

Aunt x Niece

Aunt x Nephew

Uncle x Nephew

Uncle x Niece

Next door Neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

Next door Neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter

Mother x Daughter

Mother x Son

Step-Mother x Step-Son

Step-Mother x Step-Daughter

Step-Father x Step-Son

Step-Father x Daughter

Father x Son

Father x Daughter 




⛵Harry Potter Ships ⛵

Draco x Harry

Harry x Blaise

Hermione x Draco

Draco x Harry x Ron

Ron x Harry

Draco x Ron

Blaise x Ron

Remus x Sirius

Remus x James

James x Sirius 

James x Sirius x Remus


🧇Stranger Things Ships 🧇

Will x Mike

El x Max

Steve x Johnathan

Robin x Nancy

Steve x BIlly



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