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"Gente de Zona Descemer."

Welcome all I'm Tabitha Lily-Rose Malfoy-Snape! Discord:Sunshine_HuffleGryffin#4237 Wattpad: Sunshine_Godess

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Muggle Oc's

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Female *Click Here*



Soooo, being a Malfoy is what seems to be fun and dandy until you realize it isn’t!

Hello I’m ᵀᵃᵇⁱᵗʰᵃ ᴸⁱˡˡʸ⁻ᴿᵒˢᵉ ᴹᵃˡᶠᵒʸ It’s a pleasure too meet everyone!



So where to begin on being a Malfoy [I’m also Draco’s baby half-sister due to my mother being some random Pureblood wizard which turned out to be Samantha Snape .] Try having a narcissistic father and a caring/scared mother all the time as they try to figure out what to do with you  as you're in a different house then your brother! But in the end I do love my family [Except only Draco as he is the only one that cares for me even though I’m in a different house than he is! [Okay enough of me ranting a little bit let’s get on with the Important details!]



Family [Which will be a little confusing if you don’t understand! 


Samantha Lily-Rose Snape



Lucius Malfoy



Narcissa Malfoy



Bellatrix Lestrange



Severus Snape


Older Brother

Draco Malfoy



Facts About me for Rp[ only for Rp use!]

Birthday: September 23rd

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Sexuality: Bi 

Dating/Married [Only During Rp if I use myself!] Harry Potter [since he is only a year or two older!]


Patronus: Dolphin

Mirror of Erised: Seeing, the world and traveling without having to look over my shoulder

Boggart: Fire/Dementors

Amortentia: Old Books, Chai Tea, Sweet Berries, Lemon Grass, 



Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, Cedric Diggory, Fred and George Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Cho-Chang.


Best Friends!

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley,  and Luna Lovegood 




Quote If only it was us against the world (tell me, tell me, tell me)

Tell me, would you stand for all the worth (worth, worth).”

Quote  “ So We're just going to Ignore the Obvious in the room or is it just me-.” sighs and whispers “Okay just me then who notices the giant spider.” 



Rp Rules/ Triggers/Wall Rules!

Wall Rules

No Posting Advertisements as I don’t want to see them!

No Bullying or Harassing my friends or people who post on my wall If I see it I will delete and block you!

Triggers for Rp 

I have none but the only thing I ask is If we do a yandere or enemies to lovers type of Rp don’t ask me to play the Yandere or the Enemy as I hate playing those parts [Please and thank you!]

Rp Rules

Swearing Is fine but I don’t want to see Homophobbic,racial Slur, or just anything too mean as I will stop the Rp and then Block you [You have been Warned!]

~ No Spamming [Please is all I ask, as it does take me a long time to respond as I am thinking of a response as well as trying to Word it as I do have adhd and Autism so it’s going to be hard for me to focus an spell so please don’t ask me to fix my writing! Thanks!!!]

~ I do write in present tense as I have been told in the past by a few Rp’s that I’ve done so please don’t ask me to change as, I find it difficult as it is completely new to me as well as writing longer sentences so my markings and comma placement might be off or weird as I said I’m still LEARNING!

~ Please DO at least spell correctly as I do have trouble spelling myself and it gets confusing trying to figure out what you mean when I try to reply1

~ Always write Longer Sentences please [If you can't, that's fine, at least give me something to work with instead of one liner please!]


Rp’s I don’t Know/Don’t feel comfortable doing!

Adoption Rp [Reasoning: is I don’t know how to do one an I find it very awkward at times!]

Neiko x Human Youtuber or anything with Nieko [Reasoning: I just find it weird, awkward and all just not sitting right with me!]

Demon x Angel Rp [Reasoning: I just don’t know how to play either of those roles as I never have done one and I don’t plan on doing one anytime soon!]

Double character Rp [Reasoning: I’m not really good with doing two characters at a time as I have tried and it was just too difficult for me!]

Some Characters x Oc Rp [Reasoning: Are there some characters that I know how to play depending on the fandom as I know a lot about how the character acts and all!]



Now For

Rp Info

Fandom List

♩ Stranger Things

♩ Walking Dead

♩ Harry Potter

♩ Arcane

♩ 100

♩ Until Dawn

♩ Criminal Minds

♩ Encanto

♩ Chronicles of Narnia


Muggle List

♩ Friends to Lovers

♩ Enemies to Lovers

♩ Student x Teacher

♩ Principal x student

♩ Principal x Teacher

♩ Co-Worker x Boss

Yandere Friends to Lovers 

Quiet girl x Girl [Cheerleader or Soccer Player] 

Quiet Boy x Boy [Football or Baseball]

Quiet Boy x Girl [Cheerleader or Soccer Player] 

Quiet girl x Boy [Football or Baseball]

Muggle List #2


♩ Step-Brother x Step-Sister

♩ Step-Sister x Step-Sister

♩ Step-Brother x Step-Brother

♩ Mother x Daughter

♩ Mother x Son

♩ Step-Mother x Step-Daughter

♩ Step-Mother x Step-Son

♩ Father x Daughter

♩ Father x Son

♩ Step-Father x Step-Daughter

♩ Step-Father x Step-Son

♩ Uncle x Niece

♩ Uncle x Nephew

♩ Aunt x Nephew

♩ Aunt x Niece

♩ Adult [Male or Female] x Daughter

♩ Adult [Male or Female] x Son

♩ Brother x Sister

♩ Brother x Brother

♩ Sister x Sister



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