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Hello I’m Marley George’s daughter daddy always called me princess as I am one too him even though I know I’m not *giggles cutely*



So here’s some Info about me!!


Theme Song: 

Labrinth, Zendaya - All For Us (Lyrics)


Father- George Weasley

Mother -Don’t know [She died giving birth to me]

Birthday- May 1st 

Godfather- Harry James Potter

Godmother- Hermione Jean Granger


Amortentia: Cherries, Sweat, Grass, Mint Toothpaste, Honey, Lime, Sugar/Salt, Old Books 

Mirror of Erised: Knowing who my Uncle Fred/Mother is

Boggart: Dying

Wand: 14 inches/36 cm and has a refined look to it. The particular strand of Toadwood


Wall Info!

No Advertising Please I don’t want or have a need for it!


Don’t be childish on my wall please thanks as well as being rude or Homophobic or Racail Slurs.


There is some Rp that I won’t do as it either makes me uncomfortable or I just don’t know how to do okay!!

List for the Rp I won’t Do!

Adoption, Nieko x anything, double Rp, alien x human or demon x angel


Rp Info

For Rp- Please use longer sentences as I can not reply to one liners as it makes it difficult to reply to, Also please Don’t ask me to change my writing style as I don’t know how to and it’s very difficult for me too!


For Rp- I have no TRIGGERS so please use whatever but Don’t make yourself uncomfortable! Also if you wish to leave the Rp just say so and not respond please thanks!



Rp Info


♙Chronicles of Narnia

♙Harry Potter

♙Stranger Things




♙Student x Teacher

♙Principal x Student

♙Friends to Lovers

♙Boss x Co-Worker


Muggle #2

♙Mother x daughter 

♙Mother x Son

♙Mother x Step-Son

♙Mother x Step-Daughter

♙Father x Daughter

♙Father x Son

♙Father x Step-Daughter

♙Father x Step-Son

♙Aunt x Niece

♙Aunt x Nephew

♙Uncle x Nephew

♙Uncle x Niece

♙Brother x Sister

♙Sister x Sister

♙Brother x Brother

♙Step-Brother x Sister

♙Step-Sister x Sister

♙Step-Brother x Brother

♙Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female]x Daughter

♙Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female]x Son



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