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Plus all my clothes would fit *Wink Wink* But hey! Welcome to the Hufflepuff cozy cave! This is a safe haven and safe spot come join in!!

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| Welcome to Wonderland! |

“He wiped the blood from his face as he slowly came to his knees. He said, I'll be back when you least expect it And hell's coming with me Hell's coming with me.”



“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” -  Anonymous


“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.”  -  Anonymous


“ Magic can be found in stolen moments.”  -  Anonymous


“He was the boy who didn’t have a choice to choose his own path as it was already created for him.” -  Anonymous



“It’s always a Pleasure to Stand by those I trust even more to those who are My friends.”

-Myself [Kathleen Tonks]

Welcome to my Safe Haven Spot ™

“I would like to let everyone know that you can vent to me if you wish as I want to be able to help as I know that’s what my parents would’ve wanted me to do!!”


[So if you wish to stay and chat, let's cuddle on the couch with my fuzzy multi-color blanket and eat snacks by the fireplace in my dorm and talk about anything you wish!] 



Now About Me!

Name: Kathleen Tonks

Age: Sorry Not getting!

Birthday: December 19th [not getting anything else!!]



Remus Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks 



Sirius Black 

I’m an Animagus - Ferret  [Color White as snow with brown tipped ears paws and tail]

Also just like my mother I’m a metamorphmagus so my appearance and looks can change a lot!


Wand: Oak Wood flexible with animal carvings on the main part of the wand and it’s 10 inches exactly


Boggart: Being used for my kindness and love

Amortentia: Animal Fur, Lavender, Old Books, Sea Salt, Leather, Green Apple Shampoo, and Mint Toothpaste

Mirror of Erised: Being a healer/Aurora 



••¤(`×[¤ 𝔯Ƥ 𝕀ᶰfỖ ¤]×´)¤••

~ Please longer sentences as it’s difficult to write upon and you’d hate it if I do the same so please don’t!

~ Don’t SPAM please is all I ask [I may be Asleep,Working or Thinking of What to write okay!] Unless I've gone without a response for 2-5 days then you can okay!

~ Do Let me know if YOUR BORED OF THE RP instead of GHOST or not responding LET ME KNOW OKAY it hurts when You do things like this!



I don’t have none but a Pet Peeve of mine is [I will not do anything like Yandere, or Bullying in an Rp but, if you’d like to do those roles that’s fine with me but I will NOT BE DOING THEM!]


 Ř𝓟's 丨 ʷ𝓞ᑎ't 𝓭Ⓞ!!

[It’s just that I won’t do them. I have no EXPERIENCE AT ALL WITH THEM!]

Adoption Rp,anything Nieko x anything, Double Rp [Like Oc x Character and another Oc x character] as I have no experience with them!


[Now for a different Type of Rp!]

I can do Mature Non-Mature, 18+ Not Safe For Work, or really anything as I’m honestly comfortable with anything just please do let me know what you’d like to do!!



Interesting Rp Info!!


~ Harry Potter

~ Stranger Things

~ 100

~ Arcane

~Walking Dead



~ Boss x Co-Worker

~ Student x Teacher

~ Principal x Student

~ Friends to Lovers

~ FBI x Serial Killer

~ Innocent x Mafia



Mother x daughter 

Mother x Son

Mother x Step-Son

Mother x Step-Daughter

Father x Daughter

Father x Son

Father x Step-Daughter

Father x Step-Son

Aunt x Niece

Aunt x Nephew

Uncle x Nephew

Uncle x Niece

Brother x Sister

Sister x Sister

Brother x Brother

Step-Brother x Sister

Step-Sister x Sister

Step-Brother x Brother

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female]x Daughter

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female]x Son


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