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Growing up, I was a halfblood, I never knew my father and I lived with my mother in Canada, until I was 11 my mum and I moved to England, apparently I was a witch, it was quite the shock.

My mom thought I would be a squib as I didn't show many magical abilities when I was a baby, I got sorted into Hufflepuff immediately, I love History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts and I didn't like Flying as I have a fear of heights.

My blood status hasn't really effected me, I was born many years after the war, After I finish school I'm looking for a job position in which I enjoy, something like working for the Daily Prophet or making my own news paper, or possible writing my own book.

My greatest weakness is my loyalty, it can cause many problems..

I have two dogs, their names being Wofie and Charlie, Wolfie is a small shishu yorkie and Charlie is a black dachshund.

Charlie loves little kids however gets annoyed easily, he's always trying to pick fights with his younger brother, Wolfie although not born in the same litter they love each other.

Wolfie gets excited when people come around him, often greet them by licking their faces or..barking at them, he loves the outdoors but is naive of what could kill him, that's why he's always on a leash.

I'm going onto my 4th year in September 2022, my bestfriend is Lily Potter. 

My Patronous is a Hippogriff!



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