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Email: randomly.rpqueenfluffy@gmail.com 

Discord: callumdiggory

Pinterest: CallumDiggory


Intro Song: Numb : Bonus Track - August Alsina, B.o.B, Yo Gotti

Outro Song: Slow Down - Chase Atlantic


My Information

Name: Callum Diggory

Nicknames: Cal, Diggory

Nationality: British

Sexuality: Bisexual - Male Lean

Relationship Status: Single

Pronouns: He/Him

Parents: Amos Diggory

Siblings: Cedric Diggory

House: Gryffindor

Height: 5’8

Status: Half Veela/Pure Blood

Birthday: October 30th

Amortentia: Honey, Apple, Lemon, Sea Salt, Campfire Smoke, Paper/ink wells, 


Notice Board:

• I will NOT be online during WEEKENDS, due to working those days!!

• If I don’t respond to replies or owls just send me a reminder within a 4-5 day timespan!!

• I am an 18+ Account page, and I will NOT be roleplaying with Minor’s for anything as it just feels weird!!

• I can do NSFW/18+/Mature Romance/Non - Romance (Though I mostly only do romance!), so please let me know beforehand!!


Stuff I won’t Roleplay:

• Adoption

• Self - Harm

• Controlling

• Abusive

• Sexuality Discrimination

• Toxic

• Sexual Assault

• Eating Disorder

• Double Oc


Wall Rule’s:

• Give time for responses please!!

• Please, be polite to those who post!!

• If you wish to chat please ONLY post on my wall!!

• Don’t be Racist’s/Sexist’s, have Childish Behavior, No Transphobic/Homophobic Behavior, or anything else please!!

• Don’t Post Chainmail, Group Advertisements, Games/Polls/Quizzes, Newsletters, or ___ Read Only or ETC. please!!

• If you are NICE to me I will be NICE back, but if you are RUDE, then two can play that GAME my FRIEND!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

• I don’t mind cursing, in an Rp as I am an adult!!

• If you wish to Rp, and have a starter please do, let me know!!

• If you EVER wish to stop the Rp, please do let me know instead of Ghosting please!!

• Please try to use proper grammar and make it where I can understand your writing!!

• If you EVER wish to start a NEW Rp please do let me know as I don’t doing a new one!!

• Write at least a paragraph whenever you write as I won’t accept one liners or semi liners!!

• Give time for responding, as sometimes I won’t be able to so please be patient with me!!

• Please try to refrain from using asterisks in your writing and please, use the proper speech marks!!

• If you have any TRIGGERS please, let me know so that way we can avoid them in the Rp please!!

• If you wish to do NSFW/18+/Mature Romance, or Non- Romance, just please do let me know okay!!


Fandom Roleplay:

• Hannible

• Harry Potter

• Criminal Minds

• Stranger Things

• Outer Banks

• Umbrella Academy

• Hunger Games

• Maze Runner

• The Conjuring 1 - Movie

• The Conjuring 2 - Movie

• The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do IT

• Attack on Titan

• Yu-Gi-Oh!!

• Black Butler

• Chronicles of Narnia

• Chronicles of Spiderwick

• Minecraft SMP (ASK)

• Pirates of the Caribbean 

• Percy Jackson - Movie

• The 100

• Fear Street 1994

• Fear Street 1995

• Feat Streat 1996

• Walking Dead - Tv Show

• Walking Dead - Video Game

• Until Dawn

• Yu-Gi-Oh!! -Movie

• Annabel - Part 1

• Last of Us - Part 1 and 2

• The Last Kingdom


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