Cherish Lily-Ann Snape

Hello and Welcome Everyone!!!!

"You're fuckin' with a goddess And the bitch bites back I'd love it if you're honest But it ain't like that Boy, now you're the one who's godless, mhm?"

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A way to get a hold of me if Owls don’t work for you To Rp in!




 I may be sweet and innocent but, I can be like the devil so don’t piss me off! But, I’m very loyal and honest so if you’d like to be friends I’d love to become one!!


Name: Cherish Lily-Ann Snape

[My middle name comes from Daddy's friend Lily who turns out to be my mommy!] 



Mother- Lily Potter

Father- Severus Snape


Half Older Brother- Harry Potter [only by a few months]


Birthday- Sorry not getting it!



House: Slytherin 

[I don’t know how I’m in Slytherin and was very surprised to be sorted here as well as Dumbledore and Daddy.]


Second House Gryffindor


Personality: I’m, very bubbly sweet kind and [my daddy and bubby like to say] Innocent and pure and I’m Also very loyal and honest 


Here is my Animagus Form!

A Baby Fox



Now time for Rp Info okay!!

Rp Rules-

~ Please write at least A paragraph when Rp with me!

~ Don’t let me do all the Action Please 

~ I can do double Oc’s [Only if necessary though or if it’s called for in the Rp]

~ No Racial or Homophic Slurs please [On my wall or in Rp Please]

~ Don’t Advertise/Don’t put CHAIN MAIL please!

~ Don’t START an Rp if YOU CAN’T FINISH!

~ Don’t SPAM as I will be busy a lot but give me time to THINK AND REPLY!

~ Do help with the Rp [if you want to contribute character names for other Oc’s or like any action or adventure please do so that’s what Rp is FOR!]





♠ Stranger Things

♠ Walking Dead

♠ Criminal Minds

♠ Harry Potter

♠ 100

♠ Chronicles of Narnia

♠ Pirates of the Caribbean 

♠ Sam and Colby 

♠ TFIL[Youtube-Mostly Paranormal!]


Muggl #1


♠ Boss x Co-Worker

♠ Student x Teacher

♠ Student x Professor

♠ Student x Principal

♠ Any [Friends to whatever troupe!]

♠ Any [Yandere x anything!]


Muggle Section#2-

♠ Mother x Daughter

♠ Mother x Son

♠ Step-Mother x Son

♠ Step-Mother x Daughter

♠ Father x Daughter 

♠ Father x Son


♠ Step-Father x Son

♠ Step-Father x Daughter

♠ Aunt x Niece

♠ Aunt x Nephew

♠ Uncle x Nephew

♠ Uncle x Niece

♠ Brother x Sister 

♠ Sister x Sister

♠ Brother x Brother

♠ Step-Brother x Brother

♠ Step-Sister x Sister

♠ Step-Brother x Brother

♠ Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

♠ Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter



♠ Sam and Colby

♠ Drarry

♠ Dramione

♠ Wolfstar

♠ Mike x Will

♠ Nancy x Robin

♠ Steve x Johnathan

♠ Steve x Billy

♠ Peter x Caspian

♠ Susan x Caspian

♠ Sirius x James

♠ James x Remus


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