ᕼEᑎᖇIETTᗩ EᐯEᒪYᑎ ᗷᒪᗩᑕK

Slytherins are my Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!

Hello I'm Henrietta Black I'm Sirius Black's baby sister and James Potter best friend as well as Lily's! I do hope you take good care of me! *giggles cutely*

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Hiiiiii!!!!! It’s a real pleasure to meet everyone. I'm Henrietta Evelyn Black and I do hope you take good care of me *giggles cutely* !!



Name: Henrietta Evelyn Black

Birthday: [Sorry Not Getting!]

Age: [Not Getting but just know I’m two or three years younger, then Sirius!]

Animagus: Kitten [I do love my cat ears and so I leave them on all the time even though I know I get weird looks for them!

Marauders NickName: Mittens


My Best Friends:

Sirius [Of course he’s my Brother!]

Severus Snape

Lily Evans

James Potter

Bellatrix Lestrange

Lucius Malfoy



[If I have Starter’s I will post them HERE!]

~ Link to more Starters: 


Now, time for Rp Info!

Wall Rules!

Please don’t POST chainmail or Advertisements is all I ask as I don’t have a want or need for them!

Also Please be nice and kind to those who do decide to post on my wall as I won’t Tolerate Bullies/Childish Behavior!



 Harry Potter

 Walking Dead


 Stranger Things

 WentWorth [Only on season 2 thoug]



 Student x Teacher

 Yandere x Anything

 Boss x Co-Worker

 Student x Principal

 Victim x Kidnapper


Muggle Section#2-

 Mother x Daughter

 Mother x Son

 Step-Mother x Son

 Step-Mother x Daughter

 Father x Daughter 

 Father x Son

 Step-Father x Son

 Step-Father x Daughter

 Aunt x Niece

 Aunt x Nephew

 Uncle x Nephew

 Uncle x Niece

 Brother x Sister 

 Sister x Sister

 Brother x Brother

 Step-Brother x Brother

 Step-Sister x Sister

 Step-Brother x Brother

 Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

 Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter




 Sam and Colby




 Mike x Will

 Nancy x Robin

 Steve x Johnathan

 Steve x Billy

 Peter x Caspian

 Susan x Caspian

 Sirius x James

James x Remus

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