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Hi, I'm Cailee Black, this is my main OC, I do have others tho that I will put down below! Along with rps I do and rp rules!


main OC



Name: Cailee Black

Age: (whatever year I'm in)

House: Hufflepuff

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, wavy, raven black hair; stormy grey eyes; pale skin; 5'0; small brush of freckles on the nose

Personality: Sarcastic, sassy, kind, helpful, stubborn, short-tempered, goofy, can be immature, insecure, acts tough, easily flustered but tries to hide it, can be oblivious, smart, bookworm

Patronus: Stag

Likes: Quidditch, Books, Art, Cooking, Writing, Potions, Animals

Dislikes: Spiders, Mean Slytherins, Dark


Other Golden Trio Era OCs:


Name: Perseus Black

Age: (age depends on year)

House: Ravenclaw

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Sexuality: Straight 

Gender: Male

Appearance: Messy, dirty blonde hair; Stormy grey eyes; pale skin; 6'0; very faded freckles on his nose and cheeks

Personality: Quiet, Overprotective, Stubborn, Short-tempered, Sarcastic, Sassy, Secret soft side, Smart, Bookworm, Secret wild side, Not easily flustered (like it's really hard to make him flustered), Strong-willed, Helpful

Patronus: Stallion

Likes: Books, Learning new spells, Potions, DADA, Dragons, Writing

Dislikes: Heights, Slytherins, Getting bad grades, Surprises





Marauder Era OCs:



Name: Autumn Potter

Age: (depends on year)

House: Hufflepuff

Blood Status: Pureblood

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Appearance: Medium length, slightly curly black hair; hazel brown eyes; slight tanned skin; 5'0 height

Personality: goofy, can be immature, kind, smart, stubborn, oblivious, short-tempered, bookworm, sarcastic, funny, sweet, insecure, gets anxiety

Patronus: Fox

Animagus: Snow Fox

Likes: Books, Writing, Potions, Night sky, Stars, Art

Dislikes: Heights, Spiders, Being alone




Name: Faye Lupin

Age: (age depends on year)

House: Hufflepuff

Blood status: Half-blood

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Gender: Female 

Appearance: Long, wavy, sandy blonde hair; Chocolate brown eyes; Pale skin; 5'2 height

Personality: shy, bookworm, quiet, kind, helpful, stubborn, sweet, insecure, short-tempered, smart, secretly artsy, has anxiety, gets scared easily

Patronus: Hedgehog

Likes: books, learning, art, music, sweets, the night sky

Dislikes: spiders, heights, bullies



Harry Potter Next Gen Era OCs:



Name: Alyssa Weasley

Age: (age depends on year)

House: Hufflepuff

Blood status: Half-blood

Sexuality: Straight (possibly Bi)

Gender: Female

Description: Long length reddish-brown hair; Blue-grey eyes; Pale skin; Freckles; 5'0 height

Personality: Kind, helpful, stubborn, sassy, sarcastic, sweet, nice, indecisive, smart, short-tempered, independent, bookworm, takes some things too seriously, can be dorky or weird, gets flustered easily, mischievous, clumsy

Patronus: Hedgehog

Likes: Music, Art, Books, Baby Anything(babies, baby dogs, baby cats, etc.), Ice cream, Learning, Animals, Puzzles, Magical creatures, Potions class

Dislikes: Rude People, Show-Offs, Tangled Headphones, Being Made Fun Of For My Height (sometimes I don't mind it tho), Running




Marvel OCs:



Name:  Ginny Stark

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Long, wavy, dirty blonde hair; Sapphire blue eyes; Lightly pale skin; 5'0 height; a bunch of freckles along nose and cheeks; wears black glasses when she doesn't want to wear contacts

Personality: Sarcastic, sassy, stubborn, short-tempered, teasing, weird, nerd, smart, bookworm, artsy, techy, kind, can be VERY immature, acts like a child, very serious on missions, can have bad anxiety, coffee addict

Likes: Books, Drawing, Painting, Coffee, Sciency stuff, Daggers

Dislikes: Spiders, Heights, Pranks, Being underestimated, Bullies

Powers: Telekinesis, Illusions

Hero name: Mirage

Marvel Next Gen OCs:


Name: Dahlia Lokidottir

Age: 15

Sexuality: Straight 

Gender: Female

Parent: Loki Laufeyson

Personality: Mischievous, Sarcastic, Kind to some people, Sassy, Total Bookworm, Smart, Sly, Can be a bit of a flirt but rarely, Funny, Jokes around, More of a loner, Introvert, Stubborn, Short-tempered, Tries to hide it but can get flustered easily

Appearance: Long, wavy, raven black hair; Emerald green eyes(Gold in Frost Giant form); Pale skin(Blue with red marks in her Frost Giant form); A light brush of freckles along the nose; 5'0 height; Always wearing dark colours; Hero's outfit is like her dad's but horns are smaller(like Sylvie's) and outfit looks more feminine

Power(s): Shape-shifts, Illusions (Practically same powers as Loki), Loves to use knives

Hero name: Mischief

Other: Secret artist, Is able to cook, Loves music, Has anxiety but hides it with her attitude



My Hero Academia OCs:


Name: Akari Todoroki

Age: (depends)

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Appearance: Bright, scarlet red hair; Bright, sapphire blue eyes; Pale skin; 5'0; Tiny bit of freckles; Scar(almost like Endeavors but smaller) over her right eye.

Personality: sassy, sarcastic, can be a bit cocky, smart, quick, stubborn, kind, helpful, funny, usually quiet, extroverted introvert, strong-willed, short tempered, secretly has anxiety, acts dominant but really isn't.

Quirk: Phoenix (has fire powers(like Endeavors), can make giant wings of fire on her back), she also uses a whip with fire.

Hero name: Phoenix

Likes: Books, fire, animals, her family, music, cooking, flying, art.

Dislikes: Villain league, spiders, her dad a little bit, being underestimated because of her small stature.


Name: Hikari Shimura

Age: (depends)

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, wavy, raven black hair; Bright, emerald green eyes; Pale skin; 5'0; Tiny bit of freckles.

Personality: sassy, sarcastic, can be cocky, smart, quick, stubborn, kind, helpful, funny, quiet, occasionally loud, extroverted introvert, strong-willed, VERY short tempered, secretly has anxiety, acts dominant but really isn't, jokes around.

Quirk: Angel (has angel wings and has light powers. Her body absorbs light around her and she can blast out the absorbed light from her hands. She can even form the light into weapons for her to use.)

Hero name: Angel

Likes: Books, animals, music, cooking, flying, art, fighting, food

Dislikes: Villain league, spiders, being underestimated because of her small stature.



Harry Potter



Percy Jackson

My Hero Academia 




Hazbin Hotel






Be patient with replies, as I will be patient with your replies. I do have a life outside of here, as I know u do too. I'm on more at night.


If you have any problems with how the rp is going let me know plz. I want it to be enjoyable for everyone.


I prefer romances with canon characters but I will do romances with ocs as well. So whichever ur comfortable with I will do.


One liners, paragraphs, first pov, third pov, it all works for me. So let me know what ur comfortable with.


More rules will be added but that's all for now thank you <3

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