Genevieve Mya Slytherin

Magic is all you need since family isn't

[My two wolves names are Pearl and Lazuli.] I'm related to Salazar Slytherin for he is my father as my mother is someone I don't know of!

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“Not all heroes are good but not all villains are bad either.”

-Genevieve Mya Slytherin


Welcome, Now I hope I shouldn’t have to introduce myself but for the sake of everyone I will.


Name: Genevieve Mya Slytherin


House: Major Obvious Slytherin



Father- Salazar Slytherin 

Mother- [Don’t know.]


Status: Purest Pureblood


Patronus: Silver Rattle Snake

Amortentia: Smoke, blood, Snake Venom, Honey, Mahogany, Sour Patch Kids, Almonds, Rock Candy 

Boggart: Fire

Mirror of Erised: being a professor at Hogwarts.



Rp- Rules, Styles, Starter’s

➶➶➶➶➶ -𝓇𝐮ㄥ𝒆ร ➷➷➷➷➷

~ Please write a full paragraph [5-6 sentences] as I hate responding to one liners

~ Help make it interesting, don't let it be just me who does all the work!

~ No Homophobic, racial slurs, or anything of that nature because YOU WILL BE BLOCKED

~ Do Not Post- Chainmail Advertisements or anything of that nature please as I don’t want it on my page!

~ I will NOT DEAL WITH CHILDISH BEHAVIOR if I deny an rp well that’s it or if I don’t respond to one either!

~ Be careful whenever you spam as I am not in the same timezone as you, so I will need to sleep at some point and time!

~ Give me time to respond as I will have lots of owls coming in and I’ll need time to write back to all of them

~ Have Fun with the Rp that’s what it’s called. If you want fanfic go look at other sites because I’m not going to be writing it myself as it takes two to tango!







Harry Potter

Stranger Things

Sam and Colby 








Possessive x Innocent 

Yandere x Anything 

Victim x Kidnapper 

Student x Teacher 

Principal x Student 



Mother x Daughter

Father x Daughter

Mother x Son

Father x Son

Step-Mother x Son

Step-Father x Son

Step-Mother x Daughter

Step-Father x Daughter

Brother x Brother

Sister x Sister

Brother x Sister

Step-Brother x Sister

Step-Sister x Brother

Step-Brother x brother

Step-Brother x brother

Uncle x Nephew

Uncle x Niece

Aunt x Niece

Aunt x Nephew

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female/Male] x Son

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female/Male] x Daughter


✿ Ŝ𝐭Aʳт𝑒𝓻ş ✿





[I’ve written Recently]

Chronicles of Narnia || FxM Slow Burn Love || Open Rp



➷  Dalia Pevensie was humming to herself in a wheat field by her small home in Narnia that was in the middle of the woods. She knew her siblings had left to go back to England during their ride out to get the white stag, Dalia looked up to see her baby boy sitting in his crib as she walked over to pick him up and rocked him as she heard him cry. She looks up and gasps seeing Mr. Tumnus as she listens to what he had said, she had watched him rush along with some of the other Narnians to get her things before she climbed on a horse with her son and she’d galloped off never to be heard by anyone ever again.




A few years go by and Dalia was standing in a different field this time with her son Percy who was now 10 years old, and she was helping him learn sword fighting skills. Dalia ends up shouting “Alright! Now left, right back swing.” she says while she fights with her son. She was going to say something else before she heard galloping somewhere in the woods and she rushed to her son and pushed him inside before grabbing her bow and arrows which were decorated with vines on the tips of the arrows and she kept them pointed at the archway of the entrance to her knew home as she says loudly and strongly “Who goes there I am Queen Dalia who dares to enter my sacred home?” while she kept the tip of her arrows pointed at the entrance where she heard whispering which to her sounded a lot like her siblings before seeing a male she’s seen before step out with his hands up, as she heard him say.

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