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Моё любимое место - рядом с тобой. (Heterosexual){Face credits to darling Kseniya Rain}

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Name: Francesca Dawn Hayward

Birthday: January 13th, 2002

Birthplace: Russia (not specific for personal reasons)

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship status: Single ;)

School Attended: Started at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic until year 3, then continued at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Occupation on HiH: Post-student, Hufflepuff helper, friend

Occupation outside HiH: Attends a college in Russia

Wand: 8.5 inches, oak, unicorn hair, low flexibility

Pet: Nella the niffler

Patronus: Fawn

General Appearance

Francesca has dark, naturally curly hair, though she often applies heat to straighten it. Francesca has hazel eyes and clear skin with a small button nose. She is not very tall, only 5 feet. From past eating disorders she a slightly skinner than average, and has trouble buying clothes. She likes to wear tighter tops, with shirts or skirts, and occasionally long pants. She likes to wear sandles but sometimes wears heals to events to look taller.

Family History and Early Life

Francesca was born on January 15th, 2002 to Dawn Sinclair and James Hayward. Her mother attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and her father was a friendly muggle who supported all types of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Francesca's father owned a small candy shop under their apartment, and her mother owned a newspaper shop near a large muggle school. Before Francesca went to school she spent the week working in her mother's shop, and on weekends she worked in her father's shop. She enjoyed both thoroughly. While working in her father's shop she met a muggle boy, Jacob Lubarsky. She had seen him in her muggle school during the year and thought he was cute. They started going out shortly after, and then they had planned to go to high school and college together when her mother broke the news saying she was to attend a magical school. This broke her heart, and she said goodbye to Jacob on the last day, leaving him shocked and heartbroken.

Interests and Career Options

Francesca enjoys reading and drawing. She's not a great artist, but she enjoys it nonetheless. In her spare time, Francesca does enjoy shopping for clothing and books. Francesca dreams to be a teacher or librarian when she graduatess from college. She loves helping students, and children and hopes to pursue it as her future.  

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