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welcome to my humble home

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about me:

  • my age is 15

  • i am a writer

  • my time is central

  • i have a life outside of this

  • hopless romantic here

  • if your really that interested, you can ask about me ig


  • do not spam my wall... i will perpously stop replying

  • don't try to gaslight, i have sturdy walls

  • i only do mxf

  • im fine with a bit of spice, but if any seggs, we skip over it

  • idc if you don't reply quick, take your time

  • grammer doesn't matter a tone, as long as it makes sense

  • unless in a convorsation, do not just give one sentence reply's

  • tell me what triggers you have, because i like going dark

  • i can also stick to light, if thats what you want

  • help keep it interesting, even if i made the starter

  • if you get bored, tell me, and i'll tell you

warning: I just got back from being inactive, and the reason i went inactive is because i had a lot on my plate. And i was having some not-so-nice roleplayers. Keep it nice and i wont leave again.

warning: I am creating new oc's. If you are someone who i was roleplaying with before, i won't change the character unless you want to make a new roleplay.

list of oc's (you have to ask me for their info for now, sorry)

  • cloud dullman

  • hazel skye

  • raymond dessarei

  • (i can make others for specific roleplays, too)


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