Rosalie Elsie-May Dursley

"Were so alike cousin Harry."

Hello I'm Rosalie Elsie-May Dursley, Harry's cousin and Dudley's twin sister even though mother and father don't pay that much attention to me as I'm a witch!

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 Hello I’m Rosalie Dursley Dudley’s twin sister! Which makes me and Harry cousins, yet I know you're probably having a lot of questions trust me I am too! I’m very confused on how I’m the only one with magic in my family as Hagrid likes to call them “Muggles- also known as None Magic Folk.” I just wonder how I got it but I’m glad I did as I’ve met wonderful people while going to Hogwarts WitchCraft and Wizardry! My best friend from the school would have to be a boy called Draco Malfoy, as he and his friends say that I’m “Too sweet or adorable or sometimes too innocent for this world.” whatever they mean by that! Harry’s not to happy that I made friends with Slytherins but he’s happy that I’ve also made friends with Ron and Hermione who which I get along with Hermione well due to us mostly being muggles and we have a lot in common whenever it comes to studying and wanting more knowledge!



🍁No Homophobia, Racial slurs, or rude comments please!


🍁Please Please, help write the action as if you don’t I’m ending the Rp seeing as I can just turn it into a fanfiction at that point and I’d hate to stop an Rp so PLEASE HELP WRITE ACTION!


🍁Please also do try to, write at least a paragraph or more as it’s hard to reply to One Liners!


🍁 Please don't asl me to change my writing style as I'm still getting used to writing longer sentences and I write in third person [but in the present tense and I've been told I've use As a lot as a transitional word since I'm still learning how to write just like the rest of you are!]


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 Harry Potter [Golden Trio Era] [Female Oc's-]

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🍁Harry Potter


🍁Stranger Things

🍁Criminal Minds

🍁Walking Dead

🍁Hunter x Hunter

🍁My Hero Academia

🍁The Witcher

🍁The Last Kingdom



🍁Student x Teacher

🍁Principal x Student

🍁Bully x Innocent

🍁Mafia x Business Partners [Son or Daughter]

🍁Criminal x Cop

🍁Yandere x Anything

🍁Friends to [Any Troupe!]

🍁Mother x Daughter

🍁Mother x Son

🍁Step-Mother x Son

🍁Step-Mother x Daughter

🍁Father x Daughter 

🍁Step-Father x Daughter

🍁Aunt x Niece

🍁Aunt x Nephew

🍁Uncle x Niece

🍁Brother x Sister 

🍁Sister x Sister

🍁Step-Sister x Sister

🍁 Step-Brother x Siter

🍁Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

🍁Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter


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