Eleni Mia-Rose Malfoy

Draco's Baby Twin Sister!

So let's be extra and life out life's with a little more chaotic and Fun!!

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Welcome I’m Veemy Eleni Mia-Rose Malfoy House Elf she wishes to let you know that too, Please be respectful while you're on her page as she will do the same to you because if not Young Eleni Mia-Rose Malfoy will um Not be very friendly towards you.


Name: Eleni Mia-Rose Malfoy

Birthday: June 5th


Lucius Malfoy

Narcissa Malfoy

Twin Brother: Draco Malfoy


Main part: Oak Wood handle: Dark Oak 14 ½ cm Very Flexibility 

Description: The handle has a slight curve to it almost like it was made to fit the holder's hand while the main part on the wand was very slim but looked like it had small flower designs or what some others had said looked like flames. 

Height: 5’8

Description: Has long curly Blonde Hair with Silver-Gray eyes but the tips of her hair look black and has freckles over the bridge of her nose and has an hourglass shape

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Dueling [Magic of course] Taking Care of Magical Creatures, and messing around with my twin Draco.

House: Obvious Slytherin

Great Classes: Flying, Charms, and Astronomy

None Favorite: History of Magic, Transfigurations 

Favorite Classes: D.A.D.A and Potions


Rp Rules-

- Please Help write the Action!

- At least write your Oc’s name once I tend to forget a lot!

- Write at least a PARAGRAPH please. It's hard to reply to One-Liners!

- no racism or homophobia

- I Don’t have any Triggers so don’t worry about asking [Just do whatever makes you Comfortable!]

- Im okay with cussing but if you're not let me know

- do not spam life can get busy if it's been more than a week send me a reminder



Rp Info-


Harry Potter


Stranger Things

Criminal Minds

Walking Dead

Hunter x Hunter

My Hero Academia

The Witcher

The Last Kingdom

Chronicles of Narnia

Percy Jackson [Only the first as it's been a while for the second and third movie!]

Outer Banks 



Student x Teacher

Principal x Student

Bully x Innocent

Mafia x Business Partners [Son or Daughter]

Criminal x Cop

Yandere x Anything

Friends to [Any Troupe!]

Mother x Daughter

Mother x Son

Step-Mother x Son

Step-Mother x Daughter

Father x Daughter 

Father x Son

Step-Father x Son

Step-Father x Daughter

Aunt x Niece

Aunt x Nephew

Uncle x Nephew

Uncle x Niece

Brother x Sister 

Sister x Sister

Brother x Brother

Step-Brother x Brother

Step-Sister x Sister

Step-Brother x Brother

Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter

Oc Info- 

[Some Will Have Starter Links and some won't!]

Golden Trio Era

Brianna Elleanor Whitaker

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