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Name: Epona Salvatrix
Birthday: 19th June 1983
Birthplace: Obregon, a wizarding village in Peru
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Schools Attended: Castelobruxo, Euro-Glyph School of Extraordinary Languages (every campus)
Occupation on HiH: Ancient Studies Professor
Occupation Outside of HiH: Senior Leader and Tour Guide within her Family's Travel Company

Early Life:
Epona Salvatrix was born in Obregon, one of the three wizarding villages of Tarapoto in Peru. Her parents, both Peruvian nationals and graduates of Castelobruxo, met briefly at school but got to know each other properly while studying the Peruvian Vipertooth in Morillo, a neighbouring village and known hotspot for dragonologists. When Epona was born, they made the difficult decision to pursue a less dangerous career path for the sake of their daughter so they temporarily moved to Lima to figure out what to do next with their lives. Her mother was a keen amateur historian and came up with the crazy idea to start their own travel and tourism company. And that's exactly what the Salvatrix family did! Wizarding tourists came from all over the world to see the wonders of Peru and their new business made sure to provide tailor-made tours and experiences including the Incan Empire, the Nasca lines and so on. The company was an instant success and Epona grew up surrounded by all these ancient sites.

Epona grew up knowing a lot about ancient Peruvian History before she even attended any kind of wizarding school. She hoped to attend Castelobruxo like her parents as they had told her of all the wonderful opportunities and experiences they had there. She didn’t mind which Family she belonged to just as long as she was accepted into the school. On the day she toured the school, she was incredibly nervous as it was the day she would find out whether she had been accepted or not. When it was her turn to stand in the magical flame of acceptance, she stood for what felt like hours in her mind (when in reality it was a second or two). Luckily for her, the flame turned Emerald indicating she had been accepted to the school and would be a part of the Iara family (characteristics: pure-hearted and determined). If you look at her wand, it has the Emerald gemstone on the end, like all other Iara family members.

Her school years flew by. She was a pretty average student overall with the exception of anything related to the ancient or historical world. So, Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes and History of Magic were her best subjects by far. During the summer holidays, she would return to her family’s business to work and lead tours where she would add any additional knowledge she had learnt during the school year. 

After graduating from Castelobruxo, Epona wanted to further her skills in ancient languages so she headed south to Santiago, Chile where one of the campuses of Euro-Glyph School of Extraordinary Languages was located. She studied there and eventually worked her way round to all other campuses around the world at one point over the next decade so she could learn more about their local specialities. Although she learnt parts of many different languages, she was always too excited to move on to the next thing and found she preferred learning about the civilisations behind them more than the languages they spoke and spent the majority of her time visiting, studying and volunteering in the areas where past civilisations had lived.

Work Life and other Experiences:
After having exhausted her time studying, Epona returned to Peru and starting working full-time for the family travel business. With all of her knowledge of the ancient world, experience in the travel and tour industry and connections all over the world, she proposed that they expand the number of tours and locations on offer and become global. Over the next five years, while still fulfilling her duties in her job, Epona worked hard on bringing all the new material, tours and packages together. After a small test run in central America to see if it would work beyond the borders of Peru, she made a few adjustments and started rolling it out across the world. It took a long time to do that (another few years), but it was definitely worth it. The company already had a brilliant reputation, so tourists flocked to the new locations and experiences on offer.

She continues to help out with family business to this day, but Epona needed another big challenge. On one of her new tours, she overheard a couple of tourists say that the Ancient Studies Professor role had just opened up at Hogwarts. She applied for the role, but didn’t think she stood a chance as she had never taught formal education before. However, she received the good news that she had been selected as the new Professor and here we are today!

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