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About me

° Scorpio

° frozen grapes>>>>>

° i'm not telling you my age 

° My birthday is on October 31st

° Salem is all you're getting name wise ^.^



Reading, writing, Rain/Storms, Autumn <3 (and everything that comes with it),Music (making or listening), Winter (same as with Autumn), sleeping, nature, running (i know it's weird, shush), Decorating, Painting/sketching, outdoors activities, photography, History, traumatizing people with random facts i find out (That being said; A human could swim through a blue whales veins <3), binge watching shows/movies, the moon, spooky stuff/horror, Halloween <3 (and christmas, but halloween <3).



Role plays:

I'm up for mostly anything, but leave me alone with those forbidden rp thingies (incest, pedophilia, that stuff). Please. It's disgusting and you people scare me tbh


Roleplay rules:

°Don't try to control my Characters

°Don't Mary sue or make your character god-like or whatever

°Please try to give decent replies, one liners don't count as a reply to me. Give me at least a few sentences or just something to work with, don't make me do all of the work please.

°If you want to stop the rp, it's fine. Just tell me, i'll understand. Just don't ghost

°I'm fine with mature themes, just please be the appropriate age for it otherwise i won't do it. I sometimes find it very uncomfortable to do scenes of a sexual nature and i'll just skim over them or skip them entirely, if that bothers you – i don't really care, no one is forcing you to rp with me <3

°I prefer Literate rps, semi- lit is also okay but just know i dont find them as fun

°Please write in the third person and past tense

°Don't make me have to carry the rp, it's not fun. 

°Try to use proper grammer please. Everybody makes mistakes (...everybody has those days...-sorry) but don't let it be so bad that i have to decipher what you wrote.

°It may take me some time to reply at times, but i never ghost. Please have patience with me, i do try to reply quickly but sometimes stuff happens or life gets busy and i can't reply that fast

°Have fun!^.^



Owl me or post on my wall if you want to talk or rp<3 Have a nice day/night :3

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