Ransom Rein Granger


"With your power.. you have the ability to over shine your classmates.." "Why does that matter?" "For acception of your real father.." 18+ IRL

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H/C:  Dark Brown

E/C: Icy Blue

Skin: Olive Glow

Age:16 (Almost 17)

Height: 5'4

Weight: 113lbs

Special abilities: Feels emotions and can hear their thoughts. (Along with regular witch magic)

~ Backstory ~

I've  lived my life in secret until now...

My name is Ransom..I grew up in the other world, most commonly known as the Mundanes world. In other words, Human/No special abilities.

My mother is Hermione Granger, and after a extremely drunk night, she ended up with me by a "Pure- Blooded" wizard. She's never budged and actually told me who it was, she often said that it wasn't accepted and that he wasn't the nicest wizard. After 16 in a half years I was forced to attend Hogwarts, a boarding school for witches and wizards. 

I was a late bloomer when it came to my powers. But when they did come, I was stronger than anyone realized, apparently hearing others thoughts and feeling their emotions wasnt normal for all witches and wizards. 

Most students would be concentrating on their O.W.L.S and grades but.. I'm more concerned about finding out who my father is. My mother grew up in Hogwarts, I can only imagine that so did my father and that's how they met. 

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