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Name: Alizzon Romano Fiore.

Birthday: December 22.

Place of birth: Dominican Republic.

Blood state: Pureblood.

Patronus: Sparrowhawk.

Wand: Hazel wood whit a dragon core 12 ½" and unyielding flexibility.

Pet: snowy owl(blackie)

Favorite Color: Red and blank



I am of average height( i'm 1.65cm tall), my hair is long and wavy whit a dark brown color and brown eyes. When i'm not in uniform i usually wear baggy pants, baggy polo shirts, sports shoes, big coats, loose dresses, heels, boots, sportswear or minishorts(not in public unless it's summer or I'm at the beach). I like to always wear my hair in a braid or a low ponytail and i hardly decorate it, although from time to time i use some ribbons.


I come from an italian family although i was born and raised in the Dominican Republic until i was 6, i was born while my parents paid a visit to my maternal grandparents who lived on this beautiful tropical island for some time, i grew up with my grandparends because my parents had a difficult separation right after i was born, i get along well with my mom, although my relationship whit my dad was always somewhat chaotic; i visited each of my parents' houses several times, although it always a bit difficult because i did not know how to speak italian and that made it difficult for me to communicate with people; i have 2 siblings on my father's side, a girl and boy, i never met them  but i hope to one day; my mother moved to London and i started studying at Hogwarts, now we are very close.


  • I am a proud ravenclaw

  • I really like to read both muggle and magical novels

  • I really like strawberries

  • I LOVE quidditch

  • Possibly you will find me in the quidditch field, in the library or under a tree reading.

  • I love music

  • I love the class of potions

  • I'm a hatstall

  • After leaving Hogwarts i want to become an Auror

  • I HATE insects


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