Elizabeth Lestrange

"Snakes and Dementors are my Friends!"

Hello this is a Roleplay Account [Only] as I will be excepting certain Roleplay's which will be listed in my Bio below okay so keep a look out for it!!

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Contact Info:

Email: roleplayhihemail22@gmail.com 

Discord: silverstar_warrior

Pinterest: @SilverStar_Warrior 

Quotev: SilverStarLestrange


[Fc: Sophi Knight]

Relationship Status: Single


Name: Elizabeth Harper-Rose Lestrange

House: Slytherin

Parents: Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape

Blood Status: Half - Blood









Mrs. Lestrange [Professor’s]


Aunt: Narcissa Malfoy

Uncle Lucius Malfoy, Regulus Black, Sirius Black


Height: 5’8

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue Gray


Wand: Red Oak | Unicorn Hair |  12” | Inflexible 


Personality: Agreeable, A team player, Motivational, Cannot tolerate conflict, Reassuring, Reflective, Traditional, Unassuming, Exuberant, Clever, and Supportive.

Amortentia: Eucalyptus, Honey Dew, Apple Pie, Caramel, Lemon Tart, Cookie Dough, Potions, Ashes, Parchment, Fall Weather, Grass/Dirt, and Ocean Water.

Boggart: Losing Friends and Loved Ones.



Draco Malfoy [Due being Cousins]

Luna Lovegood 

Fred Weasley [Best Prankster Partner]

George Weasley [Best Prankster Partner]

Blaize Zabinin

Pansy Parkinson

Vincent Crabbe 

Gregory Goyle


What I’m Apart of:

Dueling Club

Death Eater’s [Proud of It]

Slug Club

Fandom List:

- Harry Potter

- Hunger Games

- Criminal Minds

- The Witcher

- Chronicles of Narnia

- Chronicles of Spiderwick

- The Last Kingdom

- Dead of Night [Video Game]

- Attack On Titan

- Walking Dead [Tv Show]

- My Hero Academia

- Percy Jackson

- Maze Runner

- Stranger Things

- Until Dawn 

- The Conjuring Series

- The Nun

- Annabelle [First Movie]

- The Last of Us [Part 1 and 2]

- The Kingsman

- The Quarry

- Pirates of the Caribbean 

- Fairy Tail [Anime]

- Black Butler

- Hunter x Hunter

- Extraction

- Fast and Furious

- Arcane

- S.W.A.T

- Umbrella Academy

- Outer Banks

- #Alive

- First Kill

- Yu-Gi-Oh

- ZombieLand [Half-way Seen]

- Death Note

- The 100

- YOU [ Season 2]

- All of Us are Dead

- Dragon Ball Z Series

- Wednesday


Ship List: I know more so just ask me alright!!

Harry Potter - Marauder Era

- James x Remus

- James x Regulus

- James x Sirius

- James x Marleen

- James x Lily

- James x Severus

- James x Pandora

- James x Barty Jr.

- James x Rosier


- Remus x James

- Remus x Sirius

- Remus x Severus

- Remus x Regulus

- Remus x Pandora

- Remus x Lily

- Remus x Marleen

- Remus x Barty Jr.

- Remus x Rosier


- Sirius x Remus

- Sirius x James

- Sirius x Severus

- Sirius x Lily

- Sirius x Pandora

- Sirius x Rosier

- Sirius x Barty Jr.

- Sirius x Rosier

- Sirius x Marleen


- Regulus x James

- Regulus x Remus

- Regulus x Rosier

- Regulus x Severus

- Regulus x Lily

- Regulus x Pandora

- Regulus x Barty Jr.

- Regulus x Marleen


Harry Potter - Golden Trio

- Harry x Draco

- Harry x Ron

- Harry x Hermione

- Harry x Theodore

- Harry x Cedric

- Harry x Luna

- Harry x Blaise

- Harry x Pansy

- Harry x Fred

- Harry x George

- Harry x Ginny


- Ron x Harry

- Ron x Luna

- Ron x Hermione

- Ron x Draco

- Ron x Blaise

- Ron x Pansy

- Ron x Theodore

- Ron x Cedric


- Hermione x Draco 

- Hermione x Harry

- Hermione x Ron

- Hermione x Pansy

- Hermione x Luna

- Hermione x Matteo

- Hermione x Theodore

- Hermione x Cedric

- Hermione x Fred

- Hermione x George

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