Simon Ellis Hall

Me? Sarcastic? Never.

Eunoia (n.) a pure and well-balanced mind. a good spirit. "Beautiful Thinking."

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- Simon Ellis Hall - 

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Harry Potter || James Potter x Sirius Black || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

Call of Duty || Simon Riley x Johnny MacTavish || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp


Original Character’s:

Fandom: Stranger Things:

Bellamy Theo Mayfield

Celestria Aeris Harrington


Contact Info:


Discord: simon.hall

Pinterest: Shadow_Whispers


- Stuff I will Not Do -

• Beastiality

• Abusive

• Toxic

• Controlling

• Self - Harm

• Sexual Assault

• Adoption

• Human x Anything

• Double Oc Rp


Wall Rule’s:

• Be polite to those who post, on my page please!!

• If you wish to chat, please post on my page ONLY please!!

• Do not Post Chainmail, Group Advertisements, Games/Polls/Quizzes, ___ Read Only, as I have no use for them!!

• If you have a problem with me please, let me know instead of reporting me please!!

• Do Not be Racists, Sexists, Homophobic/Transphobic, Childish, Creepy, Rude, Annoying please or you will get instant Banned, no questions asked!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

• I will not Roleplay with MINORS!!

• Give time for replies please, as I am a human being, and sometimes will forget!!

• If you wish to have the Roleplay off the site, I do have Discord or Email [for more frequent replies!!]

• Please, Please, Help write the Action/Plot/Angst/Romance/Adventure if there is going to be any as I will not be the Only one doing so!!

• Write at least, a paragraph whenever you respond please, as I won’t be doing One-Liners or One Worded responses

• If you plan on leaving the site, or going on a small break please, let me know instead of ghosting or replying to others please as I will do the same!!

• If you wish to stop the Rp please, let me know as I don’t mind, alright just let me know!!

• I do FxF, MxM only unless someone is wanting to do an FxM [unless requested]

• Do Not use, asterisks [**] please, as they confuse me so please, use the proper speech marks. [“Ello Love.”]

• I am fine with Cursing due to being an adult so don’t hesitate to use them in the Roleplay unless you have a trigger warning for them!!

• Let me know if you have any Triggers please, as I’d hate to make you upset, as I will do the same [Mine is listed in my BIO]

• If you have an Idea/Starter that you’d like to use/discuss please, let me know as I don’t mind!!


Fandom Roleplay:

[I know way more, loves so please don’t, hesitate to ask me!!]

• Sam and Colby - Youtubers

• The Last of Us - Part 1 and 2

• Five Nights at Freddy’s 

• Until Dawn

• The Quarry

• Little Hope

• Man of Maden

• House of Ashes - Video Game

• Walking Dead - Tv Show

• The 100

• Maze Runner

• Criminal Minds

• The Conjuring - Series

• My Hero Academia

• Black Butler

• Fairy Tale - Anime

• Yu-Gi-Oh!

• TFIL/Overnight -Youtubers

• Chronicles of Narnia

• Harry Potter

• Percy Jackson

• Fast and Furious

• Alice and Wonderland

• Ouran Highschool Host Club



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