Morgana Greengrass


first year student

  • Joined November 2022
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 265 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Italy


Basic Information 

Full Name: Morgana Gaynor Greengrass 
Birthday:16 July
Birth place: Leeds,United Kingdom(currently lives in Italy)
Blood Status:Pure Blood
Wand:9.5 in.Hawthorn with dragon heartstring core,unyielding
Pet: Rowen,white Chinchilla cat


Hair Colour:Morgana has brown/black hair
Hair Style:Fairly long hair, usually accompanied by extensions
Eye Colour:Morgana's eyes are grayish blue
Skin Tone: Her skin is very pale
Height:Morgana is 1.65 tall
Clothing Style:Morgana loves dark colors in dressing, especially black and green. Her favourite article of clothing is tight skirts and dresses
Accessories:Morgana never leaves the house without first wearing her snake-shaped silver ring


Traits:Ambitious, charismatic, outspoken, cantankerous, outgoing, demanding, friendly
Likes:pizza,spending time outdoors or with friends,music,school
Dislikes:the perfect ones, injustices, ignorance, too much joy, spiders
Hobbies:reading,music,physical activity,beauty routine
Fears:spiders,failure, disappoint family,disappoint expectations
Favorite colour: black
Favorite Flower: Black Dahlia
Favorite Subject(s): under evaluation
Ambition:give my best in everything


Father:Pure blood wizard named Arden Greengrass. He works at the Ministry of Magic. Brother of Delbert Greengrass
Mother:Pure blood witch named Rebecca Serra,originally from Italy. Morgana has her eyes and her smile
Paternal grandparents:Morgana loves her paternal grandparents even if currently living in Italy she sees them very little
Maternal grandparents:grandmother Anna died as soon as Morgana was born, while grandfather Michele is her point of reference
Cousins: Astoria and Daphne Greengrass daughters of Delbert Greengrass
Family home:Morgana's house is a luxurious villa in southern Italy. Anyone who enters will be lost in its vastness

Individual Magic

Boggart:To be discovered..
Patronus:To be discovered..
Animagus:To be discovered..
Amortentia:To be discovered..


Morgana had always known that she would go to Hogwarts, coming from a family of pure blood it could not be otherwise. Morgana had a childhood with love, but also with a lot of authority, her parents were very strict with her and always demanded the best from her. One of Morgana's best memories was the proud faces of her parents.


First year

Astronomy-In Progress
Charms-In Progress
Defense Against the Dark Arts-In Progress
Herbology-In Progress
History of Magic-In Progress
Potions-In Progress
Transfiguration-In progress


















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