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Hello an Welcome to my page I'm Everly it's a pleasure to meet everyone!! Please look at my Backstory for my Rules in order to Role-Play!!

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IN Case the site goes down or you’d like to chat in other ways or Roleplay Other ways!

Wattpad- @UndergroundRoyals

Discord- UndergroundRoyals#2487

Pinterest- @UndergroundRoyals 

Email- summertimelovely78@gmail.com 



Oc Section- 

Fandom: Harry Potter- Marauder Era

Annabel Ava-Rose Knox



Fandom: Harry Potter- Golden Trio Era




Fandom Starter Section- 

Harry Potter|| Draco x Harry || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

Harry Potter || Hermione x Pansy || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

– [Extra Starter’s]- *Click Me!*


Muggle Stater Section- 

Muggle || Yandere x Anything || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp


– [Extra Starter’s]- *Click Me!*


Rule’s Section- 

– Please give me time to respond to Owls or Posts as I am busy outside of HiH, and it’s sometimes hard to respond whenever I can!

– Help write the ACTION/ROMANCE since It gets hard doing it by myself and at that point might as well be a fanfic if you don’t plan on helping since I’m tired of doing mostly all the work.



Rp Section- 


Fandom: Rp Ship’s

– Harry x Draco

– Ron x Blaise

– Hermione x Pansy

– Draco x Ron

– Hermione x Luna

– Pansy x Luna

– Draco x Blaise

– Blaise x Hermione

– Matteo x Harry

– Hermione x Matteo

– Sirius x James

– Remus x Sirius

– Regulus x James

– Will x Mike

– Robin x Nancy

– Steve x Eddie

– Billy x Steve

– Jj Maybank x John B Rutlegde

– Sarah Cameron x Keira Carrera 


Fandom Rp Section- 

– Harry Potter

– Chronicles of Narnia

– Until Dawn [Video Game]

– At Dead of Night [Video Game]

– Walking Dead

– Outlast [Video Game]

– Criminal Minds

– The Witcher 

– The Last Kingdom

– Stranger Things

– Fear Street 1994


Muggle Rp Section- 

– Zombie Apocalypse 

– Criminal x Cop

– Boss x Maid

– Boss x Co-Worker

– Student x Teacher 

– Principal x Student

- Yandere x Anything 

- Mother x Daughter

- Mother x Son

- Step-Mother x Son

- Step-Mother x Daughter

- Father x Daughter 

- Father x Son

- Step-Father x Son

- Step-Father x Daughter

- Aunt x Niece

- Aunt x Nephew

- Uncle x Nephew

- Uncle x Niece

- Brother x Sister 

- Sister x Sister

- Brother x Brother

- Step-Brother x Brother

- Step-Sister x Sister

- Step-Brother x Brother

- Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

- Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter

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