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Name: Jonas Erik Wagner

Age: 17

Species: Half-Veela

❝My name is Jonas Wagner and I was born to a wizard father, Thomas Wagner, and a Veela mother, Adriana Krasteva, who met in 1992 when my father was barely 18 years old. According to their unbearably long stories about their life together they've been inseperable ever since, married in 1996, had my older sister in 2000 and then me in 2005. My father even left Germany and moved to England just to be with her. What a love story, huh?

Anyways ——— I grew up sheltered and excessively mothered, which might have been at fault for the massive ego I've adopted (or my mother's Veela influence, who knows?) but I promise I'm quite pleasant to be around if you just get to know me.

When my letter for Hogwarts arrived, my parents were over the moon. I didn't understand their excitement since it was only a matter of time until I'd get mine, considering Kristina, my sister, already went to the school for wizards before me. Like every other student of Hogwarts I was dragged to Diagon Alley where my parents bought me a pet — my black Maine Coon cat Letalis (or Letty) — and, of course, a wand of my own: A wand made of ash, a thestral tail hair for a core, 17¼" and reasonably springy. Once I've had that and all books and clothes I would need to attend Hogwarts, I was ready to be sent off.

My father was the one crying his eyes out while my mother told me to make them proud. Well, easier said than done.❞

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