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Name: Azaria Lupin

Age: 16

D.o.b: 2007.02.23

Species: human/animagus.

Blood status: pure-blood.

Patronus: crow.

Zodiac: pisces.

Religion: satanist. 

Gender: Female. (non binary ooc)

Sexuality: bi. 

Pronouns: she/they (he/him ooc)

Likes: the colour green, cats, frogs, watching Quidditch, magical creatures, music, nighttime, nostalgia, watching muggle movies

Dislikes: loud noises, cotton buds, homophobia, being in the rain

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Rp stuff;

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Rps i enjoy!

Ghostface x victim

Enemy x enemy (enemies to lovers trope)

Obsessed x oblivious

Murderer x victim 

Anorexic x friend/partner (disclaimer- i have an ed, this would sorta be like a vent thing?? So please                                                                                          don't be disrespectful or romanticise eds!!)

  • I enjoy dark/horror themes, suggest anything and i'll most likely say yes!

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I will not do rps such as: 

Teacher x student (unless it's strictly platonic.)

Family x family (same as above.)

Explicit s3x scenes.- although it can be mentioned. 


I can do fxf or fxm.

If you have any triggers please tell me, otherwise don’t complain. Them being in your bio isn't good enough!!

I also will not respond to one liners!! Please make sure your response is at least a small paragraph.

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