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Olivia is a bit shy and prefers to stick to herself, though she can be rather fun and energetic around those she trusts. Honestly, Olivia would never hurt a fly, being a gentle and kind person on the most part. She is the type of person who has a hard time sticking up for herself, but if she sees a friend in toruble, she has no problem sticking her neck out for them.

Olivia is very smart and learns quickly and so, despite being behind in school, she hopes to catch up quickly which is good because she is rather embarrassed to be in classes with a bunch of eleven year olds and not with her own peers. Although she is smart, Olivia has to admit she is actually terrible at potions, though she has the determination and dedication to succceed in any of her classes. 

Olivia's worst fear is to let anyone down and so, she is a bit of a pushover as she would do anything for anyone. She hates to dissapoint anyone and tends to tread lightly, thinking before she speaks and acts. SHe simply wants to please everyone and is loyal to a fault.


Olivia's parents were two brave magicians who stood up for what they believed in. This trait of theres got the two killed by a death eater when Olivia was merely two. For some unknown reason, the death eater who attacked her parents couldn't bring themself to kill Olivia however, and so, the woman took the child for herself to raise her. As of the day olivia's parents were killed, Olivia was oficially missing as no one knew what happened to her. Olivia seemed to have simply vanished.

The death eater woman who had prtically stolen her, Helen Wodsworth, moved herself and Olivia into a small cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Olivia grew up not being able to leave the small home and the area around it. She was a rather sheltered child in that she never learned much about the world around her, though not at l sheltered when it comes to trauma. Luckily, she wasn't completely uneducatde however, as Helen had given her plenty of books to keep her entertained as she got older. She learned of magic through textbooks as well as about the world around her through works of fiction and non fiction alike.

When Olivia turned eleven, she asked her mother about attending Hogwarts, but the answer was a hard no. Seeing as Helen was able to sucessfully hide under the radar, the ministry didn't know of her whereabouts either, so she never even got a Hogwarts letter. At this point, Olivia thought of running away, but didn't know where to go and so, she stayed.

Fast forward a handful of years and Voldamort was defeted (either for the first or second time depending on the rp}. Olivia's so called mother was caught and arrested and she eventually revealed where Olivia was located. Now, Olivia lived in an orphanage and she finally has been given the opportunity to go to school.


(more OCs to come, both Harry Potter and Muggle)



Harry Potter

Percy Jackson



Anything Disney


Avatar Last Airbender


Cinder Chconicals

The Selection

Hunger Games


Lord of the Rings


and a bunch others, just ask

I am also willing to come up with our own roleplays under any number of genres and have a bunch of original ideas myself. Feel free to ask about them as they would take up a ton of space to leave them all here!


  1. Be patient with me! I have a four month old daughter so I don't always have a ton of time on my hands.

  2.  I only write in third person and past tense and I ask you do the same. In addition to this, I prefer at least three decent paragraphs to be written per response, the more you write the better! I myself can go up to twenty or so paragraphs

  3. If wanted, I am more than happy to play multiple characters. If I am only playing one character, I tend to play female however.

  4. I prefer mxf ifromance, but at times will accept fxf. Again, I mostly play female, but will double as a male if wanted

  5. I am more than hapy to come up with OCs on the spot!


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