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"Just, Look At The Flowers."

MxM or FxF Only for Roleplay as well as for Romance Okay folks!!

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Backup Info in case, the site goes down okay!


Discord: SunshineLilies#6446

Pinterest: @TinySunshine82


“We can make it together. But we can only make it together.”

- Glenn Rhee


Hello, and welcome everyone!


Rule’s in order to Roleplay with me!!

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  • Say your Oc’s name at least once, please as it gets hard to try and remember them all!

  • Help write the story as it takes effort for both people to write a good one so please Help Out!

  • Do let me know if you have any Triggers or anything as I’d hate to make you uncomfortable during the Rp!

  • Write at least a paragraph as it is very difficult to reply to one-liners and it’s hard to understand what you say!

  • Do let me know if you’d like to stop the Rp, or if you plan on being busy so I know to stop Replying!

  • </ol>


    Original Character-


    Muggle: Female

    Madeline Lily-Rose Greene

    Mercedes Hensley


    Muggle: Male

    Gareth Cunningham

    –  Seth Stevenson


    Fandom Original  Characters-


    Fandom: Umbrella Academy

    Fynn Lee Mathews

    Nathaniel Andrews


    Fandom: Harry Potter Marauder Era

    Elouise Everett

    Araceli Evelyn Potter


    Fandom: Alice in Wonderland

    Anastasia Eva Marmoreal


    Starter Section-

    *Click Me!*




    Now, let’s get on with the information about myself, Okay ladies and Gentleman!!



    Aurora Lily-Rose Lupin



    12-22 [depending on Rp]









    14 inches/36 cm Chestnut Wood




    Idealistic, Easy-going, Pretentious, Roving, Big-headed, Knowledgeable, Perceptive, Self-sufficient, Nervous, Funny, Charming, Obsessive, Quick to judge, Open, Conceited, and Original.



    Mother- Unknown

    Father-  Remus Lupin






    Here is some stuff that I won’t Roleplay!

    – Adoption Rp

    – Demon x Human, Angle x Human, Neko x Human, Robot x Human, or Human x Anything!


    Ship Roleplay

    – Neville x Ron

    – Regulus x Lily x James

    – Harry x Hermione

    – Draco x Blaise

    – Neville x Pansy

    – Hermione x Matteo

    – Draco x Harry

    – Ron x Hermione

    – Regulus x James

    – Lily x Remus

    – James x Sirius

    – Hermione x Pansy

    – Remus x Sirius

    – Luna x Hermione

    – Blaise x Neville

    – Hermione x Luna

    – Blaise x Ron

    – James x Lily

    – Elven x Max

    – Billy x Steve

    – Will x Mike

    – Robin x Nancy

    – Eddie x Steve


    Fandom’s Roleplay:

    – Harry Potter

    – 100

    – Stranger Things

    – Fast and Furious

    – How to Train your Dragon

    – Criminal Minds

    – Hunger Games

    – Twilight

    – The Witcher

    – The Last Kingdom

    – Until dawn

    – Walking Dead

    – Pirates of the Caribbean 

    – Percy Jack [First Movie Only]

    – Chronicles of Narnia

    – Umbrella Academy

    – Maze Runner

    – Alice and Wonderland

    – Outer Banks 


    Muggle Roleplay:

    – Friends to Lovers

    – Enemies to Lovers

    – Lovers to Enemies to Lovers

    – Cop x Criminal

    – Princess x Guard

    – Prince x Guard

    – Princess x Lower Class

    – Prince x Lower Class

    – King x Servant

    – Queen x Servant

    – Mafia x Right Hand Man

    – Mafia x FBI

    – Yandere! X Anything

    – Innocent x Dominant

    – Mother x Daughter

    – Mother x Son

    – Father x Daughter

    – Father x Son

    – Step-Mother x Daughter

    – Step-Mother x Son

    – Step-Father x Daughter 

    – Step-Father x Son

    – Brother x Brother 

    – Sister x Sister

    – Brother x Sister

    – Step-Brother x Sister

    – Step-Brother x Brother

    – Popular Girl x Quiet Girl

    – Popular boy x Quiet Boy

    – Popular Girl x Quiet Boy

    – Student x Teacher

    – Principal x Student

    – Co-Worker x Boss

    – Maid x Boss

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter 

    – Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter




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