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Try not to Simp to hard Love.

Hello everyone I just wanna say that I only, do FxF FxM or MxM along with Romance so look over everything before deciding what were gonna do for Roleplay!!

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“You can't keep me locked away as the world burns.”

- Conrad Oxford


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Muggle: Female

Callie Ava-Rose Rodriguez

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Muggle: Male

Malik Grimes

Mattie Andersen


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  • Please, give me time to respond as I will you mostly because I’m very busy outside of HiH and I’m not always on [Though it might say I’m on but in reality I’m Semi-On!]

  • Help, write the Action/Romance please, as I will not be the only one doing all of the hard work for the Roleplay, please help do your part as I will mine!

  • Write at least a paragraph whenever you reply as I will not accept one-liners in Roleplay as that makes it very difficult to Reply to.

  • Do not, ask me to change my writing style as I’ve been told multiple times before, so if you don’t like it then leave the Rp and let me know if you decide to Leave so I can delete our Story and not reply anymore!

  • Do NOT SPAM, I will only say it once as I’ve stated I’m very busy outside of HiH as I have work and my personal life that I have to live so I won’t always be on but I will reply whenever I can so Please be Patient!

  • If you’d like to Roleplay outside Owls or Private Groups, I have Email, Discord, Pinteterst, and Quotev at the top of my backstory so choose one and then let me know okay!!

  • I do not have any TRIGGERS so don’t bother asking if I do, Just let me know if you have something that I should avoid and you don’t have to explain in full detail just a small one word and I’ll understand!

  • Last Rule: Have Fun it, is Roleplay after all so that means anything can happen in the story that we want as if we were doing a fandom we don’t have to follow their plot as we can do something different but while doing some parts of the actual story

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    So, hello everyone my name is Arabella Lily-Mae Snape my father is Severus Snape. I do hope that everyone is nice and polite to me even though everyone knows who my father is and everything!!


    Arabella Lily-Mae Snape






    15 inches/38 cm Hawthorn Wood Very Brittle






    Losing, my father.



    Sun Flower, Potions, Ink Well, Honeydew, Sea Salt, Lavender, Creamsickle, Lemon Tart, Dust, Old Books, Lilies, Oranges, and Vanilla. 



    Father- Severus Snape

    Mother- Unknown [But, most people say I look like Bellatrix but with blonde hair!]



    Lily Evans [Nee Potter]



    Lucius Malfoy



    Draco Malfoy



    Narcissa Malfoy



    Draco Malfoy [Cousin]

    Hermione Granger

    Ronald Weasley

    Neville Longbottom

    Vincent Grabbe

    Gregory Goyle

    Blaise Zabinni

    Cedric Diggory

    Luna Lovegood

    Cho Chang

    Matteo Riddle [Best friend since birth]



    Fandom Roleplay Information:


    Stuff I will not be able to do in Roleplay.

    – Double Rp

    – Adoption Rp

    – Human x Anything


    Fandom Section

    – The 100

    – Chronicles of Narnia

    – Harry Potter

    – The Witcher

    – The Last Kingdom

    – How to Train Your Dragon

    – Yu-Gi-Oh!

    – Stranger Things

    – Fast and Furious

    – Criminal Minds

    – Sam and Colby

    – TFIL/OverNight

    – Pirates of the Caribbean

    – Walking Dead

    – My Hero Academia

    – Black Butler

    – Psycho Pass

    – All of Us are Dead

    – Umbrella Academy

    – Outer Banks

    – First Kill

    – Body Guard

    – Arcane

    – 21 Jump Street

    – Step Up

    – Hunter x Hunter 

    – Ouran Highschool Host Club

    – The Promised to Neverland

    – The Blue Exorcist

    – Sword Art Online

    – Maze Runner


    Ship Roleplay

    – Regulus x James x Lily

    – Remus x Sirius

    – Lily x Remus

    – Sirius x James

    – Draco x Harry

    – Lily x Molly

    – Blaise x Neville

    – Regulus x James

    – Hermione x Matteo

    – Blaise x Ron

    – Luna x Pansy

    – Ron x Harry

    – Draco x Blaise

    – Matteo x Harry

    – Ron x Hermione

    – Pansy x Draco

    – Harry x Hermione

    – Cho x Luna

    – Hermione x Draco

    – Nancy x Robin

    – Mike x Will

    – Billy x Steve

    – Nancy x Jonathan

    – Eddie x Steve

    – Peter x Caspian

    – Susan x Caspian

    – Spencer x Derek

    – Hotch x Emily

    – Penelope x Jj


    Muggle Roleplay

    – Friends to Lovers

    – Villain x Kidnapped

    – Hero x Villain

    – Strangers to Lovers

    – Enemies to Lovers

    – Mother x Daughter

    – Queen x Servant

    – King x Servant

    – Cop x Criminal

    – Yandere! X Anything

    – Son x Father

    – Mafia x Right Hand Man

    – Sister x Sister

    – Brother x Sister

    – Teacher x Student

    – Principal x Student

    – FBI x Mafia 

    – Scientist x Experiment

    – Doctor x Patient

    – Father x Daughter

    – Uncle x Niece

    – Doctor x Nurse

    – Cop x Victim

    – Uncle x Nephew

    – Aunt x Nephew

    – Aunt x Niece

    – Princess x Guard

    – Prince x Guard

    – Princess x Lower Class

    – Prince x Lower Class

    – Bully [female] x Innocent [Female]

    – Bully [Male] x Innocent [Male]

    – Bully [Female] x Innocent [Male]

    – Adult Next Door Neighbor [Male] x Daughter

    – Adult Next Door Neighbor [Male] x Son

    – Adult Next Door Neighbor[female] x Daughter

    – Adult Next Door Neighbor[female] x Son




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