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Name: Therese Morozova

House: Slytherin

Blood status: Pureblood

Sexuality: Whoever I like.

Physical appearance: Short black hair, green eyes, pale-skinned, sharp jawline, of Russian (father) and Japanese (mother) descent, 5’9.

Personality type: mbti - intp-t . enneagram - 5

Personality: cold, clever, resilient, loyal, aims for perfection.

Wand: hazel wood, dragon heartstring core, 11”

Patronus: Raven

Boggart: a black darkness, almost like a black hole, threatening to engulf you while you have no knowledge of what’s behind it (her thoughts on death.)

Quidditch position: Seeker

Likes: reading, studying, brewing potions, coffee, chess, Nietzsche’s works.

Dislikes: parties, smoking/smokers, failure, books that make no sense, plot-holes, dimwits.

Other: werewolf.



Raised in her father’s estate in the countryside of England by a father who was never there and a mother who wasn’t hers, Therese became incredibly self-reliant and immersed herself in books, believing that if she perhaps excelled in her studies her father might look at her with something other than disgust. 

When she first showed signs of magic, her father was relieved - her mother had been a muggle, and Adrik Morozova had had no idea whether his daughter would ever be able to cast a spell.

At 11, Therese had been sent to Durmstrang - only to be expelled after a week for breaking the arm of the headmaster’s son (there had been a disagreement and Therese had thought it only suitable that she took it into her own hands.) In a panic, she was quickly sent to Hogwarts, and her lateness was covered up by saying she had an illness. 

-- i know i said i hate plot holes but i'm working on it : at thirteen, during the winter holidays, she was bitten by a werwolf. still figuring out how to get the thought out of my brain and onto this website. --

Once settled in an sorted into Slytherin, Therese was not exactly a social butterfly, but nor was she completely friendless. A family friend of the Black’s, she soon made friends with Regulus Black and a group began to form - although she was hardly ever found with them, preferring to spend her time in the library. She still hung on to the belief that perhaps if she did something good enough - if she did just a little bit better - she could maybe get some sort of validation from her father.





Roleplay information:


Literate replies are prefered.

For the love of god, please reply with at least four or more sentences (or even just a small paragraph.) If you decide to start sending one-liners, then I will too.

I would rather not do any "Forbidden RP's". i.e. father/daughter, brother/sister.

Triggers include: descriptive gore, self-harm.

I do understand that these types of things do, in fact, happen in real life, but I would rather not have those types of topics come up in RP's.

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