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Soul•Mate [Noun] Meaing: FOREVER

"Didn't they tell us "Don't rush into things"? Didn't you flash your green eyes at me? Didn't you calm my fears with a Cheshire cat smile?"

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“Matilda, you talk of the pain like it's all alright But I know that you feel like a piece of you's dead inside You showed me a power that is strong enough to bring sun to the darkest days It's none of my business, but it's just been on my mind.”

- Matilda Harry Styles 

[Favorite Song!]


In case the site goes down!!

Email: sweetliles.coffeestar@gmail.com 

Discord: Coffee Stars#6695

Pinterest: @scoffeestar


Notice Board:

– Keep in mind that I am one person,

Running the account so I will get to you, 

Once I can!


I will be on only during these times!

🧧 Monday-Thursday

🧧 Saturday and Sunday


Muggle: Original Characters

Muggle: Female

Beatrix Dixon

Claudia Luna Sanford


Muggle: Male

Malachy Gates

Matthew Johnston


Fandom: Original Characters

Fandom: Fast and Furious

Seth Toretto

Aurora Kara Lue


Fandom: Twilight

Meredith Lahote

Melody Evelyn Reid


Starter Section:

Harry Potter || Harry x Draco || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

Muggle || Popular Kid x Unpopular Kid || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



– Please write at least a paragraph whenever you reply!

– Help write the action or romance as I will not be doing it by myself!

– Have fun with the roleplay as it will be only us and we can add the *DRAMATICS*!

– No One-liners please as it’s very difficult to respond to those!

– Do not spam please as I’m very busy outside of HiH and also Only one person!

– Do not ask me to change my writing style if you don’t like it then don’t reply!

– Do not be rude or childish if I do not reply to an owl or post as I might be busy or just choose not to respond!

– I’m fine with whatever you want to do but if you have TRIGGERS let me know as I do not have any!!


Roleplay Information:

I won’t do in Roleplay:

– Adoption Rp

– Double Character Rp

– Human x Anything


Fandom: I can do whatever just Owl!!

– Harry Potter

– Chronicles of Narnia

– Annabelle

– The Nun

– The Conjuring [1 and 2]

– Umbrella Academy

– Hunger Games

– Fast and Furious

– The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

– Twilight

– Hunter x Hunter

– Black Butler 

– My hero Academia

– Attack on Titan

– Yu-Gi-Oh


Ship: I can do whatever just Owl!!

– Harry x Draco

– Regulus x Lily x James

– Hermione x Draco

– Cedric x Harry

– Remus x Sirius

– James x Regulus

– Draco x Blaise

– Neville x Pansy

– Luna x Hermione

– Harry x Matteo

– Draco x Ron

– Blaise x Neville

– Hermione x Matteo


Muggle: I know more, just Owl!

– Friends to Lovers

– Enemies to Lovers

– Cop x Victim

– Bully x Innocent

– Unpopular kid x Popular Kid

– Stalker x Killer

– Yander! X Anything

– Criminal x Cop

– Forbidden Rp [Ex. Mother x Daughter, Brother x Brother]

– Student x Teacher

– Boss x Maid [or Co-Worker]

– Principal x Student


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