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We are One Or, We Are None Chose?

I'm always down to Roleplay but only Romance so just ask me okay don't, be shy!!

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Hello and Welcome!!

Note: I will only do FxF or MxM as I rarely ever do FxM anymore!  

Note: Also for Muggle I can do anytype just ask!!!


In case the site is down!

Email: softcorerpemail@gmail.com 

Pinterest: @softcorerpemail

Discord: Dark Moon Paws#3518


*Important Info*

This is when I will be Online!!

– Monday [9:00 Am- 12:00 pm]

– Tuesday [9:00 Am- 12:00 pm]

– Wednesday [9:00 Am- 12:00 pm]

– Saturday, and Sunday [Any time that I wake up.]


Original Character’s Muggle:

Muggle: Female

Aimee Cortez

Saoirse Sawyer

Muggle: Male

Luke Barker

Samuel Zimmerman


Original Fandom Character’s:

Fandom: Twilight

Gail Cullen

Colby Black

Fandom: Umbrella Academy

Abraham Cantrell

Meredith Hargreeves

Fandom: Percy Jackson

Nathaniel Jackson

Mildred Bright


Fandom: Walking Dead [Tv Show]

Gracie Dixon



Muggle || Boarding School [FxF] || Anything Can Happen ||Open Rp

Muggle || Friends to Loves [MxM] || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

Harry Potter || Sirius Black x Remus Lupin || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp

Harry Potter || Neville Longbottom x Blaise Zabini || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



– Help write the Action/Romance if there is anything as I will not be doing all of the work!

– Do not write One-Liners, write at least a paragraph whenever you reply as, I won’t be able to understand what you say as we need to bounce Ideas off of each other!

– Don’t ask me to fix/change my writing style as I like the way I write and if you have a problem with it then don’t ask to Roleplay with me!

– Give me time to respond please as I will do the same to you as I find it very rude to keep spamming the person you're trying to roleplay with!!

– Please, do not be childish or rude if I don’t answer an owl or Post because I’m too busy or just don’t want to respond to you so if I don’t reply don’t keep asking!

– I’m fine, with whatever as I have no triggers but if you do let me know as I’d hate to make you uncomfortable to leave the Roleplay!

– Do let me know if you want to quit the roleplay or if you're too busy let me know as I’d hate to think that you're ghosting me and I will not respond to the roleplay anymore if you have stopped replying.


Roleplay Information:

*Stuff I will never do in Roleplay*

– Human x Anything 

– Double Oc Rp

– Adoption Roleplay


Fandom: I know just, ask me okay!!

– Percy Jackson

– Harry Potter

– Umbrella Academy

– Twilight

– Chronicles of Narnia

– Pirates of the Caribbean 

– Fast and Furious

– How To Train Your Dragon

– The Conjuring [1, 2, and 3]

– The Nun

– Annabele

– Stranger Things

– Hunger Games

– Walking dead [Tv Show/Video Game]

– Until Dawn

– Dead of Night 

– The Witcher

– The Last Kingdom

– Alice and Wonderland

– Criminal Minds


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