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Hello Sinners *Wink* [That means you.]

Hello welcome to my Page I'm, Madeleine Gardner and if anyone wants to roleplay don't hesitate to Owl. [Only FxF, or MxM Romance only please!!]

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In case the site goes down folks!!

Email: sweetbutterflydeadly@gmail.com 

Discord: SweetTigerLily#2554

Pinterest: @DeadlyButterlflyLily

Quotev: SweetSunflower


Original Muggle Character’s:

Muggle: Female

Alessia Ava-Rose Johnston

Theresa Ellie-May Graham


Muggle: Male

Rory Mcneil

Lucas Riley Robertson


Original Fandom Character’s:

Fandom: Harry Potter- Golden Trio Era

Madeline Grace Black

Victoria Rose Snape

Annabella Gail Riddle

Hope Lily-May Weasley


Fandom: The Conjuring

Vanessa Ali Warren

Elizabeth Rosemary Baxter


Rules: Please, read them!

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  • Do Not Spam please, as I’m very Busy Outside HiH!

  • Let me know if you have any Triggers, as I do not have any and I’d hate to make you very uncomfortable.

  • Don’t act childish or rude on my page or in owls, if I don’t respond to your Owl or Post as I just probably don’t want to Roleplay with you so PLEASE DON’T SPAM!!

  • Say your Oc’s name at least once in every other reply as it gets difficult trying to remember names.

  • Write a paragraph as I will not be dealing with One-Liners at all as we need to bounce ideas off each other!

  • Have Fun: It’s roleplay after all which means anything can happen as it’s our own world.

  • </ol>


    Fandom Roleplay: I know more just owl me!!

    – Chronicles of Narnia

    – Harry Potter

    – Maze Runner

    – The Conjuring

    – Annabelle

    – The Nun

    – Hunter x Hunter

    – Criminal Minds

    – Until Dawn

    – Percy Jack


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