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"What will you do for your FAMILY?"

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“Be more Predictable, Be less Political, Not too original, Keep to Tradition, but stay Individual.”

- Demi Lovato

Contact Info:


Discord: GriffyindorPrincess12#9816


- House of Potter -

Info About Myself:

Name: Aniyah Lily Potter

Height: 5’8

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: American/British


Lily Potter [Née Evans]

James Potter

Patronus: Stag

Animagus: Ginger Cat [Hermione and My Cousin know!!]

Boggart: At First Spiders [Like my Friend Ron.] But Changed to Dementors/Losing my Family

Mirror of Erised: Seeing mum and Dad again.

Amortentia: SpearMint, Lemons, Chai Tea, baking, Paper, ink, Potions, Cat Fur, Chocolate, Honey, Strawberries, Grass, Charcoal, and Campfire.


Older Brother - Levi Adrian Potter

Twin - Harry Potter

Half-Brother: Luka Matteo Snape


Madison Lily Black

Tommy-Lee Elliot Black

Adelaide Ellie-May Black

Aaliyah Amelia-Rose Black


Draco Malfoy

Madison Lily Black

Tommy Lee Elliot Black

Luke Matteo Black

Blaise Zabini

George Weasley 

Fred Weasley

Hermione Granger

Ronald Weasley

Aaliyah Amelia-Rose Black

Backstory: Hello I’m Aniyah Potter and Yes I’m THE Harry Potter twin sister! My other two best friends growing up at Hogwarts are Hermione and Ronald but I do have a secret best friend. It's Draco Malfoy as we both get along pretty well like brother and sister as I do with my own Twin!! I do remember the day me and my brother’s as I do have an elder brother named Levi Potter and some cousins as well, but the day we got our letters was amazing as it meant that we get too leave the horrible Dursley place we all called Hell as me and Harry are Twins making Levi the eldest! Both me and Harry were at home while Levi was off somewhere for a whole entire Year can you believe it!! But anywho, we were very excited the both of us to meet who we considered our 

- Roleplay Section -

Stuff I won’t Do:

‣ Human x Anything

‣ Double Oc Rp

‣ Adoption

‣ SA

‣ Self-Harm

‣ Controlling 

‣ Toxic

‣ Abusive


‣ Harry Potter

‣ Chronicles of Narnia

‣ Hunger Games

‣ Fairy Tail

‣ Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

‣ Dragon Ball Z [Series]

‣ Maze Runner

‣ The Conjuring [1 and 2]

‣ The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

‣ Annabelle

‣ The Nun

‣ Stranger Things

‣ Outer Banks

‣ Dorien Gray

‣ Walking Dead

‣ Until Dawn

‣ Sam and Colby

‣ TFIL/OverNight

‣ The 100

‣ Umbrella Academy

‣ The Kingsman

‣ Game Over, Man!

‣ Black Butler

‣ Attack on Titan

‣ Hunter x Hunter

‣ Criminal Minds

‣ GunSlinger Girl 

‣ The Witcher

‣ The Last Kingdom

‣ YOU [only first and some of Second Season]

‣ Wednesday

‣ Body Guard

‣ Designated Survivor

‣ DAHMER [only till episode 6]

‣ All of Us are Dead

‣ Death Note

‣ Fairy Tale

‣ The Promised to Neverland

‣ Sword Art Online

‣ The Blue Exorcist

‣ Dragon Ball Z

‣ Dragon Ball Z Kai

‣ Dragon Ball Gt

‣ Ouran Highschool Host Club

‣ piano in the forest

‣ Yu-Gi-Oh

‣ Twilight

‣ Five Nights at Freddy’s

‣ Last of Us

Ship Rp:

Harry Potter: There’s more just ask!!

‣ Regulus x James x Lily

‣ Draco x Hermione

‣ Ron x Blaise

‣ Harry x Hermione

‣ Luna x Pansy

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Draco x Harry

‣ Ron x Hermione

‣ Luna x Hermione

‣ Cedric x Harry

‣ Regulus x James

‣ Lily x Remus

‣ Molly x Arthur

‣ Blaise x Pansy

‣ James x Sirius

‣ Sirius x Remus

‣ Pansy x Hermione

‣ George x Harry

‣ Matteo x Hermione

‣ Blaise x Draco

‣ Fred x Harry

‣ Cedric x Cho

Outer Banks:

‣ Jj Maybank x Pope Hayward

‣ Sarah Cameron x John B 

‣ Kiera Carrera x Jj Maybank

‣ Jj Maybank x John B 

‣ Sarah Cameron x Kiera Carrera

‣ John B x Pope Hayward


‣ Emmet x Bella

‣ Jasper x Alice

‣ Edward x Jasper

‣ Carlisle x Bella

‣ Rosalie x Emmet

‣ Jacob x Edward

‣ Bella x Jacob

‣ Jasper x Emmet

‣ Paul x Bella

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