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When does the reason become the blame? Whеn does a man become a monster?

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Good Morning or Afternoon everyone!! 


Here’s where you can find me outside HiH!


Second Email: 

Discord: Pastel Cloud#5773

Pinterest: @pastelssweet5


Muggle Original Character’s:

Muggle: Male

Benjamin Gallegos

Abraham Aiden Robinson


Muggle: Female

Evanna Lily-Rose Chambers

Savannah Lily-Rose O’ Conner


Fandom Original Character’s:

Fandom: Harry Potter- Golden Trio Era

Matilda Saoirse Black

Marianne Everly Lupin


Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia

Veryna Nyx Aeryn

Cordelia Everly Pevensie


Wall Rules:

▾ No Drama Please if I see it I will ban you!

▾ Don’t be rude childish or homophobic please!

▾ Do not jump in, Starter’s that are on my page!

▾ Be polite to those who post on my page please!


Roleplay Rules:

▾ Help, write the Action/Romance please, as I will not be doing all the hard work!

▾ Write your Oc’s name at least once in every other reply if you can Please and Thank You!

▾ Do write at least a paragraph whenever you reply NO ONE-LINERS or Semi ONE-LINERS Please!

▾ Give me time to reply to all of your Owls as I will be busy outside of HiH as I do have a life.

Reasons to why I don’t Reply:

▾ Personal Reasons.

▾ Don’t Know what to Say.

▾ I’d don’t want to roleplay with you.

▾ Vacation

▾ Sick

▾ or just not wanting to Reply at the moment.


Roleplay Information:


Stuff I won’t Do-

▾ Double Oc Rp

▾ Adoption Rp

▾ Human x Anything Rp


Ship Roleplay:

Harry Potter

▾ Ginny x Harry

▾ Regulus x James

▾ Lily x Molly

▾ Lucius x Severus

▾ Draco x Blaise

▾ Neville x Pansy

▾ Barty Crouch Jr. x Regulus

▾ Hermione x Harry

▾ Ron x Blaise

▾ Luna x Pansy

▾ Hermione x Matteo

▾ Draco x Harry

▾ Cedric x Fred

▾ George x Harry

▾ Neville x Blaise

▾ Sirius x James

▾ Hermione x Ron

▾ Lily x Remus

▾ Draco x Pansy

▾ Remus x Sirius

▾ Regulus x Lily x James

▾ Fred x Harry



▾ Edward x Bella

▾ Jacob x Bella

▾ Alice x Jasper

▾ Jasper x Rosalie

▾ Emmett x Jacob

▾ Carlisle x Bella

▾ Esme x Carlisle 

▾ Jasper x Edward

▾ Rosalie x Bella

▾ Jasper x Bella


Fandom Roleplay:

▾ Harry Potter

▾ Percy Jackson

▾ Chronicles of Narnia

▾ Umbrella Academy

▾ Hunger Games

▾ Maze Runner

▾ Twilight

▾ Fast and Furious

▾ The Last Kingdom

▾ The 100

▾ Until Dawn

▾ Little Hope

▾ Walking Dead [Tv Show/Video Game]

▾ Pirates of the Caribbean 

▾ Pan

▾ Dorien Gray [half of the movie]

▾ Hunter x Hunter

▾ The Kingsman


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