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  • Name: Artemis Rossi.

  • Age: 20 ( 04/09/2003 )

  • Birthplace: Naples, Campania, Italy.

  • Blood Status: Half Blood ( Muggle father, Witch mother ).

  • House: Slytherin.

Being a half-breed, Artemis grew up surrounded by both muggle and wizarding culture and traditions. Since she was little, she proved to be a girl in search of perfection and superiority. She's curious, fearless, and isn't afraid to get her hands on something. Her best trait is that she gets things done, she has never been a fan of leaving things halfway or doing them in a mediocre way.

She aspires to earn as many points as possible while studying at Hogwarts.

  • Wand: Sycamore wood, Phoenix Feather core, 13" length, reasonably supple flexibility.

  • Patronus: Eagle.

  • Boggart: Failure.

  • Amortentia: Chocolate with pepper and mint.




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