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"What's the Matter Potter."

Note: I can do FxF, FxM or MxM though I rarely do FxM's anymore as I only do it for like Ship Rp mostly so please keep that in mind!!

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Hello and Welcome everyone!!


Wall Rules:

‣ Please, do not start or post any Drama as I will not be accepting it!!

‣ Do not reply in other people’s posts or Role Plays that are on my wall!!

‣ Do not be Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, or Childish on my page!!


Roleplay Rules:

‣ Help write the Action/Romance scenes as I will not, be doing all the Work

‣ If you have a starter you’d like to use let me know, as sometimes I might have one and sometimes I won’t!!

‣ I don’t have any TRIGGERS but if you do Let Me Know so that way I don’t accidentally say something that’s makes you stop!!

‣ Write AT LEAST a PARAGRAPH as I will NOT, be ACCEPTING One-Liners or Semi One-Liners as we need to be able to bounce Ideas off of each other!!

‣ Please, give me time to respond as I will you since I know everyone can be busy outside HiH or sometimes HiH doesn’t work!!


In case the site is down!!


Pinterest: @StarGazer_Shameless

Discord: Star Gazer#2233


Original Character’s:

Muggle: Female

Noel Lacey Bell

Madeleine Hannah Stephenson


Muggle: Male

Benjamin Patterson

Hunter Alexander Rivers



Harry Potter || Regulus Black x James Potter || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp


Stuff I won’t Do

‣ Toxic Relationship

‣ Human x Anything

‣ Double Oc Rp

‣ Adoption Rp


Roleplay Information:

Fandom: I know, more Just ask Folks!

‣ Harry Potter

‣ Annabelle

‣ The Nun

‣ The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

‣ The Conjuring [1 and 2]

‣ Hunger Games

‣ Outer Banks

‣ Twilight

‣ Wednesday

‣ Walking Dead [Video Game/Tv Show]

‣ Until Dawn [Video Game]

‣ The Last of Us [Video Game]

‣ Dead of Night [Video Game]

‣ Pirates of the Caribbean 

‣ Chronicles of Narnia

‣ The Last Kingdom

‣ The Witcher

‣ Dorean Gray

‣ Peter Pan

‣ Pan

‣ Alice and Wonderland

‣ Fast and Furious

‣ Stranger Things

‣ The 100


Ship Roleplay:

‣ Draco x Harry

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Hermione x Draco

‣ Pansy x Blaise

‣ Draco x Ron

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Fred x Harry

‣ Cedric x George

‣ Ron x Harry

‣ Regulus x James xLily

‣ Remus x Sirius

‣ Lily x Molly

‣ James x Regulus

‣ Siris x James

‣ Harry x Ron

‣ George x Harry

‣ Ginny x Hermione

‣ Luna x Harry


Muggle Roleplay:

‣ Arranged Marriage 

‣ Mother x Daughter

‣ Queen x Servant

‣ King x Servant

‣ Cop x Criminal

‣ Yandere! X Anything

‣ Son x Father

‣ Mafia x Right Hand Man

‣ Sister x Sister

– Brother x Sister

‣ Teacher x Student

‣ Principal x Student

‣ FBI x Mafia 

‣ Scientist x Experiment

‣ Doctor x Patient

‣ Father x Daughter

‣ Uncle x Niece

‣ Doctor x Nurse

‣ Cop x Victim

‣ Uncle x Nephew

‣ Aunt x Nephew

‣ Aunt x Niece

‣ Princess x Guard

‣ Prince x Guard

‣ Princess x Lower Class

‣ Prince x Lower Class

‣ Bully [female] x Innocent [Female]

‣ Bully [Male] x Innocent [Male]

‣ Bully [Female] x Innocent [Male]

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor [Male] x Daughter

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor [Male] x Son

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor[female] x Daughter

‣ Adult Next Door Neighbor[female] x Son

‣ Strangers to Lovers

‣ Enemies to Lovers

‣ Mother x Son

‣ Bully [Step-Brother] x Bullied [Brother]

‣ Bully [Step-Brother] x Bullied [Sister]

‣ Bully [Step-Sister] x Bullied [Brother]

‣ Bully [Step-Brother] x Bullied [Sister]



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